When Is The Wendy Williams Show Finally Ending? [Credit: YouTube]

When Is ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Finally Ending?


The Wendy Williams Show will not return for another season. In February, Sherri Shepherd announced her new daytime talk show, which will take over the current timeslot. She was one of the many celebrity guest hosts who filled in the purple seat. Sherri was joined by comedian Michael Rappaport, actress Leah Remini, rapper Flo Rida, among others.

Fans were shocked to learn that Wendy Williams’ long-running show is no more. Yet, the TV icon is still preparing for her return to television. In her first-ever interview with GMA since stepping back from her show, she said she will make a return in about three months’ time.

Wendy Williams has been MIA

Wendy Williams has a lot going on in her life. In September 2021, she went on a hiatus as she struggled with several health issues. She’s also dealing with financial issues due to her ongoing lawsuit against Wells Fargo. Unfortunately, she won’t be returning to her namesake series. Fans are disappointed that they won’t get to see Wendy Williams on the small screen again.

They also hope the producers will honor her in some way. Instead, Sherri Shepherd will take over the slot with her own daytime series. The Wendy Williams Show’s schedule is packed with future celebrity guest hosts who will fill in until the season ends. This week, both Sherri and Michael will host the show throughout the month of April.

The Wendy Williams Show Will End [Credit: YouTube]
{Credit: YouTube]
The two personalities will rotate with one another. The Wendy Williams Show is about to go on its spring hiatus. Sherri will then host from April 19 to 25. Michael’s hosting stint will wrap up at the end of the month, per Cinema Blend.

Does that mean The Wendy Williams Show will end soon? Fans are curious to know how the transition will happen. Sherri is set to take over daytime television in the Fall 2022 season. However, the talk show still airs episodes in the summer.

When will the daytime show end?

The last time Wendy Williams appeared on her eponymous talk show was in July 2021. That was around the time Season 12 finished filming for the summer season. Sherri is the name of Sherri Shepherd’s new show. It’s scheduled to air in September 2022, per TMZ.

It would have to fit in with the typical daytime and primetime schedule for the Fall 2022 TV season. For now, fans can expect rotating celebrity guest hosts. However, that could slow down as Sherri prepares for her own show. It’s unclear whether she will continue to guest host The Wendy Williams Show for now.

Sherri Shepherd's New Talk Show [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Since the same staff who work on the show will also work on Sherri, it should make for a smooth transition. Debmar Mercury has not yet announced a date for the show’s final episode. Another report via The Hill says the original series will run until “this fall,” which means the transition will take place during the summer hiatus. The last episode of The Wendy Williams Show will take place in July.

The Wendy Williams Show airs weekdays on FOX. Check your local listing for details.

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