‘Outlander’ Season 6 Has Another Time Traveler Coming, Who Is It?

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Season 6 of Outlander has another time traveler. Who is the mysterious figure whistling a tune only Claire knows? Keep reading for all the details.

Warning: MAJOR Outlander Season 6 spoilers ahead

Is Flora MacDonald a real person?

The latest Outlander episode kicked off with Bonnie Prince Charles’ famous escape after losing the Jacobite rising of 1745 at Culloden.

In Episode 5, a woman named Flora MacDonald (Shauna MacDonald) helps smuggle him to France on a boat “over the sea to Skye.” Later in the episode Claire (Caitriona Balfe) mentions that in her time, MacDonald is a hero, with her face on cookie tins.

Is Flora MacDonald a real person?

Yes. And yes, by historical accounts, Prince Charles did don women’s clothing to make his escape from Scotland.

Furthermore, Outlander‘s theme song, “Skye Boat Song,” was inspired by Flora MacDonald and Prince Charles’ escape.

Lord John returns to STARZ show

Historical figures aside, longtime Outlander viewers were happy to see another familiar face show up in the New World. Lord John (David Berry) finds himself at the same festivities as Claire and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan.)

Unfortunately, Jamie and Lord John find themselves on opposite sides of the battle. In earlier episodes this season, Fraser made a decision based on Claire’s knowledge of the future to side with the Rebels over the English in the impending Revolutionary War.

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Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser/Credit: STARZ YouTube

Despite being on opposite sides, Lord John can’t refuse Jamie’s request to help stall the Redcoats from interfering with the Sons of Liberty meeting.

Outlander Season 6 has another time traveler – who is it?

As the Frasers prepare to leave Wilmington after Flora MacDonald’s speech encouraging unity, Claire hears a sound that startles her. The time traveler hears someone whistling a tune familiar only to her – the 1914 tune “Colonel Bogey’s March.”

Earlier in the episode, Jamie noted that MacDonald’s necklace was missing an emerald after it was stolen. Astute viewers took that as a clue to time travel, as gems are a necessity for time travel survival.

However, Claire Fraser brushed the whistling off as the wind. But viewers know differently. As the episode ended, the camera panned to a man in jail whistling the same tune.

While his face wasn’t shown, many viewers know exactly who the mysterious fellow is –


The whistler is none other than Wendigo Donner, a fellow time traveler.

Cinema Blend reminds fans that Donner was present during Claire’s Season 5 sexual assault, though he didn’t take part. It was during her time as a captive that Donner revealed himself as a time traveler.

However, he disappeared as Jamie and his men took revenge on Claire’s assailants.

The next episode seems to focus on events at Fraser’s Ridge, so the mysterious whistler’s identity may not be revealed just yet.

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