Hypocrite Kody Brown, Always Pitted Wives Against Each Other?

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It was not too long ago that Kody Brown was called a hypocrite by his very own son. Paedon Brown has been very vocal on his TikTok about his life on the show and in a plural family. One issue he called his father out on one being so pandemic-crazed yet never getting his vaccine. He felt this was extremely hypocritical considering all the protocols and strain he put on his own family. More so, Kody ultimately came down with the virus himself. Now, many years later, a resurfaced clip from Season 2 has caught Reddit’s eye. It began a thread with fans feeling Kody was not only a hypocrite but also pitted the wives against one another. Seems he has a pattern of this hypocrisy and the puzzle is truly being put together.

Kody Brown Plays His Wives As Equals…

When Sister Wives first began twelve years ago, they all seemed to have a system. Along with his three wives and twelve children (Truely was cooking in Christine’s tummy), they knew the rotation. Every third night, Meri, Janelle, and Christine had a date or Kody would just take time to be with them. Just spending the night “honoring” his wives gave them each a sense of security and they appreciated their routine. This completely got shattered when he started courting Robyn who lived five hours away. It required Kody to travel and it clearly interfered with his three-wife rotation. However, the best part of the original wives was that they all lived under one roof so when he was home, he did not have far to travel.

Kody Brown and wives via YouTube
Kody Brown and wives via YouTube

Once he and Robyn got engaged, they moved her much closer though she never moved into the one-family home. This made the rotation much easier but it was clear he was quite lovesick. He even admitted he had not felt this way about someone in a very long time until he met his fourth wife. It seemed he favored her and she even admitted much later that Christine and Janelle have never been quite as welcoming to her. There was a lot of jealousy prior to a fourth wife coming in but it appeared to have worked itself out for a common goal. Unfortunately, those jealousies resurfaced hardcore with Robyn and Kody may have enjoyed it too much.

Wives Against Wives

In Season 2, Episode 10, the family is preparing to move to Las Vegas after they start to fear for Kody Brown Polygamy was not safe in Utah and there was a high risk for the patriarch. As he is explaining the game plan to his wives, he starts to do a lot of she said/she said. Kody was using one wife in an attempt to get what he wanted from another. Reddit users noticed this and created a thread about it. “There he is… pitting the wives against one another!!” one noted.

Kody Brown/YouTube
Kody Brown/YouTube

Another added: “He is complaining about SOMETHING HE had already decided… they were leaving in 3 days, that would have been Monday if I’m correct, then Robyn changes her mind so he’s trying to TELL the others that they won’t b suddenly when he was playing up their fears of why they DID need to hurry up and go… it’s like he did a 180 in every other scene in those episodes…” Essentially, he is a hypocrite because he made the choice but wanted to act like he was putting it on them. In the end, they safely made it to Vegas, and now, polygamy is the equivalent of a traffic ticket.

Do you think Kody is both a hypocrite and somewhat of a gaslighter? Let us know in the comments.

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