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Hallmark’s Brennan Elliott Asks His Followers For ‘Prayers’

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Hallmark’s Brennan Elliott is a warm actor with an open acting style that makes him a fan favorite. However, he is usually a very private person.

Therefore, on Saturday, that all changed when he discussed a very private family health situation, where he asked fans and friends for “prayers.”

Here are the details.

Hallmark’s Brennan Elliott’s Wife Cami Is Battling Stage IV Cancer

On Saturday, Brennan Elliott went to his Instagram page to share a very difficult family situation. His wife Cami has Stage IV metastatic gastric cancer.

Although Brennan rarely shares photos of his personal life, he has previously shared that his wife has been battling stomach cancer on World Cancer Day. However, in this post, the All Of My Heart star shared two recent photos of Cami, as she courageously battles stomach cancer.

The first is of Cami thick in the battle, after the loss of her hair. The second shows her getting treatment, with a mask. Still sporting a full head of hair, we see her chemotherapy port area covered with a big bandage.

Brennan praised his wife’s bravery. Moreover, he asked fans to keep her in their prayers.

Those closest to me know that my Wife Cami has had several bouts with cancer in the past but now she embarks on a new journey as a Stage IV metastatic gastric cancer patient.

There is no one I consider braver, stronger, more Fearless even when you’re Faced with a sinister opponent who never plays fair. Even after countless surgeries and chemotherapy rounds, She forges ahead into spring taking on the one of the most aggressive types of chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

As you all know me to be a very private person, this feels scary and exposing but If there is any hope that her story can help Even one person, then her cancer Experience Was Not Done in vain. Please keep @Camilla_row in your prayers. #stomachcancer #hopeforstomachcancer #prayersforhealing #stage4needsmore.

Photo: Brennan Elliott Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Alexx Henry/ Alexx Henry Studios, LLC
Photo: Brennan Elliott Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Alexx Henry/ Alexx Henry Studios, LLC

Lacey Chabert Comment On Brennan’s Post

Needless to say, his fellow Hallmark stars shared words of love and support. Of course, Lacey Chabert, whose family is close to Brennan’s was quick to comment.

“We love you guys and are holding you close in our hearts. Cami is stronger than anyone I know. We are praying for you and sending all our love. 🙏🏻❤️”

Over the years, Lacey Chabert has worked with Brennan in many Hallmark movies, as well as the Crossword Mysteries.

In addition, other Hallmark stars, as well as the network, shared their love and support.

Brennan Elliott's wife Cami-
Brennan Elliott’s wife Cami-

Brennan Elliott Recently Signed Deal With Hallmark

So often in life, some of the best things are paired up with some of the most challenging situations. Just two weeks ago, Brennan signed a multi-picture deal with Hallmark.

Gracious as ever, Brennan shared his joy at continuing this relationship with the feel-good network.

I’m thrilled to continue this relationship that’s meant so much to me and have the opportunity to bring to life new characters and tell stories that will make people smile.

We send prayers to Cami, and the Elliott family.


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  1. Brennan,

    I am so sorry that your wife, Cami, and your whole family is going through this ordeal. Please know that my caring thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time.

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