Body Parts Exciting New TLC Show Gives Humans Hope [Credit: YouTube]

‘Body Parts’ Exciting New TLC Show Gives Humans Hope

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The new series Body Parts is giving human beings home. TLC is going back to its roots when it was known as The Learning Channel. The show is set to premiere on Wednesday, April 6. Fans are looking forward to watching it.

Most of them took to TLC’s Instagram page to share their thoughts. Not only is it giving human beings a sense of hope, but it’s also giving fans some hope about the network. They look forward to learning something from this new show. TLC deviated away from its core message in recent years.

The network focused on popular shows like 90 Day Fiance, Sister Wives, 19 Kids and Counting, among others.

This anaplastologist makes realistic prosthetics for her patients

Body Parts is a new TLC series about anaplastologist Allison Vest. The mission of her work is to “restore missing anatomy” for patients with realistic silicone body parts. Some of the body parts she makes range “from noses, ears, eyes, fingers, toes [to] other bits and pieces.”

In the exclusive clip published on People, Vest stumbled upon the world of anplastology “by accident.” She loves both art and biology. So, she found a way to combine them.

“I’m a traditionally trained artist that exists in the medical world,” Vest says. “Everyone comes through these doors feeling like something’s missing, and that’s what we’re trying to do restore here.”

Body Parts: Allison Vest [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Vest describes her work office to “a mad scientist’s lab” where there are silicone body parts everywhere. For example, you might notice a pair of ears on the lab table. Vest explained that people “never really know” what they’re going to find in her office. Even her patients are shocked with the results.

Her prosthetics don’t look like prosthetics. Rather, they look like actual body parts. Vest has an office filled with patients who are happy with the results. They finally feel like themselves again.

Stuck is another new medical show that’s premiering on TLC, which shows doctors trying to “extract foreign objects” from “their patients’ bodies.” Both Stuck and Body Parts are giving human beings hope in a difficult time. They’re also bringing education back to the network.

TLC fans can’t wait for the premiere of Body Parts

On Sunday, April 3, TLC posted a new sneak peek at Body Parts on Instagram. The clip shows the variety of patients that visit Vast’s office. The caption reads: “The countdown is on! The human body is a work of art on #BodyPartsTLC, Wednesday at 10/9c.”

Check out the clip for yourself here. TLC fans can’t wait to check out this new series. They’re looking forward to seeing these human works of art. Most of them took to the comment section to react to the sneak peek.

  • “Excited for this!”
  • “Looking forward to seeing these works of art.”
  • “Can’t wait!!!”
  • “What a blessing!”
  • “This looks good.”

What are your thoughts on Body Parts? Are you looking forward to this series? Sound off below in the comment section.

Body Parts premieres on Wednesday, March 6 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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  1. This show is phenomenal! It is amazing how real her created prosthetics look. Simply AMAZING.
    But even better, the people who she fashions them for are literally given their life back. And that is so endearing to witness. I cried tears of joy right along with them. Yes this IS a show about HOPE. I love it!

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