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A ‘Survivor’ Star Is Getting Married To A Famous Actor

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Nick Davis

A new Survivor marriage is upon us after a surprise proposal at the GLAAD awards last night. Who’s the lucky couple? Read on for all the details.

Not all Survivor relationships spawn from the show. Sometimes, the show can be a fantastic catalyst for a relationship blossoming further down the line. In the case of Zeke Smith and Nico Santos, it’s just that. The two have been dating since 2018, and bought a house together fairly recently. They actually met at the GLAAD awards in 2018. So it makes perfect sense that Zeke would propose at the exact same awards show this year. Things have come full circle for the happy couple.

Survivor Winners At War
Survivor Winners At War

A ‘Survivor’ Marriage

For anyone having memory troubles, Zeke Smith is originally from Survivor: Millenials vs Gen X. He made a big impression on that season and soon came back to play in Survivor: Game Changers. His appearance on Game Changers certainly made more headlines, although he didn’t survive as long as he did in Millenials vs Gen X.

Nico Santos is relatively new to Hollywood, but he’s already made a big impression. The role that put him firmly in the spotlight is portraying Mateo on Superstore. The successful NBC sitcom that just recently ended after 6 seasons. He also has a major role in the hit 2018 film Crazy Rich Asians. A film that has multiple SAG and Critic’s Choice awards.

zeke smith and nico santos

Zeke made it clear after his last time playing that he has no intention of ever returning to Survivor. He feels as though two attempts are enough and he’s happy with his experience. Many believe that his being outed as trans by fellow contestant Jeff Varner contributes to the reasons Zeke will never return to the show. He’s made it clear that is not the case, however. His most recent dip into the spotlight was in the Netflix documentary Disclosure. A documentary about transgender representation in media. Zeke was an interviewee able to give his unique perspective as a trans person from the reality competition scene.

Zeke Trading In ‘Survivor’ Life For Domestic Life

Nico and Zeke’s upcoming wedding will make them the newest Survivor marriage in town (Even if it’s only half a Survivor marriage). It’s also one of the only times a Survivor has been involved with a celebrity outside of the CBS reality world. They seem very happy together and have been taking some very nice pictures. So we wish them the best in their future together.

Survivor Season 42 is currently ongoing and is airing new episodes every Wednesday.

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