‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Are Furious With Amy Halterman And Here’s Why

Last season of 1000-Lb Sisters, showrunners exposed Amy’s roach-infested hoarder house on national television. The TLC reality star was absolutely mortified as the cameras exposed the mess inside her home. Fans watched as professional organizers helped her remove years’ worth of trash and junk from her life, clearing out the cobwebs and dead mice as they went. Now, months later, Amy Halterman and her husband have moved into a new home. While they could have easily used the opportunity to start over and take the organization’s lessons to heart, it seems that they may have fallen back into their old ways – and fans are absolutely furious over it. What’s going on? Read on to get the dirty details.

Amy Halterman Comes From A Family of Hoarders?

While fans seem to think that the on-camera aside interviews are filmed in one of the sisters’ homes, that is simply not the case. The crew has a small set setup offsite and they film the entire season’s worth of commentary over a short period of time. It’s easy to tell by the way the women wear the same outfit in the interviews throughout the season. Why do they do this? Well, it seems that it’s not flattering to the women to constantly film against the backdrop of a filthy home.

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Initially, after the episode where Amy Halterman’s home was exposed on an episode of 1000-Lb Sisters, it seemed like she was actually making an effort to get her home in order. The reality celeb bawled on camera, saying that she wanted to do better for her son, but didn’t know how and needed help. Apparently, according to Amy, she comes from a long line of women who weren’t great housekeepers either. She says that she was never taught how to keep a clean home as a kid and now when the mess gets overwhelming – she doesn’t know how to fix it.

During the episode, the home organizers gave her advice and tips for keeping her home clean. They preached organization and how to know when it’s time to throw something away for good. While she appeared to be taking it all in, one of her recent social media posts suggests that perhaps she has slipped back into her slovenly ways.

Fans Call Out Amy’s Dirty Secrets

In a recent Instagram post, Amy Halterman shared a photo of her son, Gage, as he plays happily on her living room floor. Unfortunately, while Amy likely thought that fans would coo over how cute her one-year-old is, viewers were quick to notice something a little off with the photo.

In the snap, little Gage is dressed in an adorable Tazmanian Devil onesie. The tot sucks on a pacifier while he stands in front of his mother on the couch. In the background of the photo is Amy Halterman’s new home – seemingly in complete disarray.

Photo Credit: TLC

While many had hoped that the TLC personality would use the skills she learned from the organizers to keep up with her new home in a more effective way, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, there were a few standout issues that had fans absolutely appalled. Not only were there dirty clothes and towels strung about the living room – fans seemed very concerned about the toilet brush laying on the floor behind the toddler. Many were under the impression that the youngster likely found the brush in the bathroom and had carried it out to the living room with him.

Viewers Give Amy A Tongue Lashing

Fans were very disappointed in the state of Amy’s house. They felt that her moving to a brand new home should have been the clean slate that she needed to keep her house in tip-top shape. This sadly isn’t the case and fans are none too happy with her backslide.

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“Omg, Please tell me that is not a dirty toilet brush on her living room floor,” said one commenter in disgust.

“Clearly those tears were only for dramatic effect. Even a new move didn’t motivate her to keep her home clean,” said another.

“Maybe when her son gets sick from snacking on mouse turds then she will finally get her act together,” quipped a third

The comments on this post rolled on and on. Many of the shows’ fans were mortified that she would share a picture of her home in such a state. This is especially irritating to fans after having watched her epic breakdown during the show.

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Amy Snaps Back At Trolls

While fans were busy telling Amy how horrible of a housekeeper she was, this TLC celeb doesn’t like catching flack for things she isn’t guilty of. In fact, while she tried to let it go and take the high road, it seems that eventually gave in and addressed the previously posted photo on social media. In her post, she reshared the original photo, along with a brief caption explaining that the item that everyone identified as a ‘toilet brush’ was actually a toy. Yup- the fuzzy toilet-brush-looking stick against the wall is actually an accessory toy to a kid’s camping set – made to look like a marshmallow on a stick. Amy even included a photo of the toy set in her post.

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Oddly, this time fans had only positive things to say, encouraging Amy Halterman to ‘keep up the good work’ and reminding her what ‘an awesome mom’ she is. Many of the trolls seemingly did not feel the need to comment on the second post after being so blatantly wrong.

While the celeb never professed to be the greatest housekeeper, she appears very bothered by fans assuming she lets Gage play with a toilet brush.

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  1. People need to think before they speak and do research before anything. Tammy is a grate mother and doi g her best , give her time she a new mother and need to learn as she go , cause kids don’t come with a book. For her cleaning , yes her mother should have taught her , but give her time she doing her best . Tammy I love your show and can’t wait to see you And Amy in season 4.

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