Pete Davidson Hops Back On Instagram After Kanye Promised To Chill

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Pete Davidson joined and then swiftly ditched Instagram as the messy divorce drama with Kim and Kanye continued to swirl. As Kim Kardashian’s new lover, Pete became a pretty big target for Kanye. There was even an incident where Kanye wanted Pete to come and have a face-to-face with him. Pete shot Kanye down. Kim later broke her silence making it clear she did not want Kanye and Pete to spend any time together. She didn’t think it would go well and fans seemingly agreed it was probably a bad idea.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

As we recently reported, Kanye West has promised to chill and get some help. It appears as if this promise was all Pete Davidson needed to feel safe to get on Instagram again.

Was Pete Davidson hiding from Kanye West?

Pete Davidson swiftly jumped back on Instagram after Kanye West reassured him he was done with the drama and antics. In fact, the rapper promised the mother of his children he was going to go and get some help. The timing of Pete Davidson hopping back on Instagram has fans wondering if he was hiding from Kanye West amid the drama. Some fans speculate it is also possible Kim Kardashian asked him to ditch Instagram until things cooled down with her husband. Considering Pete Davidson had only recently joined Instagram, he didn’t seem to have much of an issue ditching it.

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Pete Davidson | Youtube

Fans wonder if Kanye promising to get help and Pete Davidson jumping back on Instagram means the drama is over. Are Kanye and Pete going to find a way to get along so Kanye can continue to be there for his children while not interfering with Kim’s love life?

For the most part, it sounds as if Pete and Kim have kept their relationship separate from her kids. Fans assume this was largely to keep Kanye cool. But, fans also respect her not mixing her relationship in with her kids until she’s sure it is the real deal.

What did he post on Instagram?

Turns out, it wasn’t actually HIS profile that he jumped back on. Pete Davidson actually made an appearance in a snapshot on Simon Rex’s profile. Still, fans couldn’t ignore the timing of Pete surfacing on Instagram as Kanye just promised to chill and get some help.

Pete Davidson - Simon Rex

Do you think the timing was a coincidence? Or did Pete Davidson appear on Instagram because Kanye is promising to chill? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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