WWE Smackdown 4/1: 3 Must-See Moments, Full Results


WWE Wrestlemania 38 is just one day away as Friday Night Smackdown delivers their go-home show. WWE Smackdown continued the Road to Wrestlemania with the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Pat McAfee and Austin Theory clashed, much to the chagrin of Mr. McMahon. Drew McIntyre regained his sword from Baron Corbin and Madcap Moss. Here are three must-see moments from WWE Smackdown plus full results from the show.

WWE Smackdown: 3 Must-See Moments

Mr. McMahon’s warning
Last month Vince McMahon appeared on the Pat McAfee podcast and offered him an opportunity to wrestle at Wrestlemania. McAfee accepted and McMahon soon announced he’d be facing Austin Theory at the big show. In recent weeks, Theory has pushed McAfee’s buttons, going as far as taking cheap shots in the process. During this week’s Wrestlemania Smackdown, McAfee was announcing at ringside when Theory came to the ring and pushed the former NFL kicker over the table. McAfee was quick to race Theory to the locker room and into the office of McMahon. Before the confrontation could escalate, McMahon threatened McAfee with his Wrestlemania match and ordered him to return to the announce table.

Hall of Fame prep
As part of WWE Smackdown, the 2022 Hall of Fame ceremony followed the show and took place in front of a live audience. During Friday Night Smackdown, the Hall of Fame show was heavily promoted. The Undertaker was the highlight act, with over 30 years of tender in the WWE Universe. Vader was selected for the 2022 class, having dominated as one of the best big men in pro wrestling history. The Steiner Brothers were also selected, along with Queen Sharmell. Shad Gaspard, who passed away in 2020, was announced as the Warrior Award winner.

Drew’s revenge

McIntyre’s final stand
Baron Corbin and Madcap Moss close WWE Smackdown with Happy Talk before Wrestlemania. Corbin mocks McIntyre and runs down his previous accomplishments at Wrestlemania. Corbin references back in time, noting how he won the Andre the Giant battle royal, and retired Kurt Angle. Moss and Corbin continued to poke at McIntyre, including waving the sword they stole. McIntyre came down to the ring, took his sword back, and destroyed the Happy Talk set.

WWE Smackdown: Full Results

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Madcap Moss wins last eliminating Finn Balor, Skim It, **
Intercontinental Title Triple Threat Match: Ricochet (c) def. Humberto and Angel, Worth a Watch, ***1/4
Naomi and Sasha Banks def. Carmella and Queen Zelina, Take a Pass, *1/2
Jimmy Uso w/ Jey vs. Rick Boogs w/ Shinsuke Nakamura (No Contest), Skim It, **
Austin Theory and the Usos (Jimmy and Jey) def. Finn Balor, Rick Boogs, and Shinsuke Nakamura, Worth a Watch, ***

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