Lifetime’s ‘Fatal Fandom’ Is Celebrity Stalker Thriller

Lifetime Fatal Fandom, used with permission

What happens when a protector becomes a predator? You will just have to find out by watching Lifetime’s latest thriller, Fatal Fandom.

This movie stars Chaley Rose (Nashville, My Best Friend’s Bouquet), Pete Ploszek (Maverick, Liberty Crossing), and Heather Morris (Glee, Big America).

The multi-talented Jake Helgren (A Royal Runaway Romance, Christmas In Solvang) wrote and directed (A Christmas Arrangement, Lethal Love Letter) Fatal Fandom.

What Is Lifetime’s Fatal Fandom About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Eden Chase (Rose) is a famous pop star. However, she is nearly kidnapped by a crazed fan. Realizing she needs full-time security, she enlists the help of handsome, brooding bodyguard Jackson Reed (Ploszek). Jackson moves into her home and guards Eden 24/7.

Unfortunately, when Jackson develops an unhealthy attachment to Eden, she soon realizes the man she’d called her protector has now become a predator. Jackson is harboring a dark secret from the past and that she must outwit him or become prey.

Chaley Rose, Heather Morris-
Chaley Rose, Heather Morris-

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s Fatal Fandom?

Fatal Fandom premieres on Saturday, April 2, at 10 p.m., Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel.

Don’t Miss Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends To Die For

Lifetime has a new mystery series called Fallen Angels Murder Club. This stars Toni Braxton (Every Day Is Christmas, Faith Over Fire). The first mystery movie, Friends To Die For premieres on Saturday, April 2, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

According to Deadline, the Fallen Angels Murder Club requires two things to join. Everyone must love books. The second requirement is a criminal record. Hollis Morgan (Braxton) is fully qualified to join. 

Hollis has an unfortunate backstory. Her ex-husband cooked up an insurance fraud scheme. However, Hollis was unaware. Moreover, she was left “holding the bag.” She now wants to clear her record. She must, as she wants to get her attorney’s license.

When someone from the book club is found murdered, Hollis finds herself suspect number one. What makes this murder quite bizarre is that the murder is identical to the book the club discussed the night before. Does this mean that someone from the book club is the killer?

Hollis starts to investigate when a second murder occurs, with similar circumstances. Can she solve the murder before she is the third member murdered?

Note that the second mystery, Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes And Felons premieres on Saturday, April April 9, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel.

Have you Seen Lifetime’s Single Black Female?

Stalkers come in many forms, including that new assistant that you hired. Lifetime’s Single Black Female airs on Saturday, April 2, at 6 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

Starring in this thriller is Raven Goodwin (The Clark Sisters: First Ladies Of GospelOur Kind Of People), Amber Riley (GleeA Black Lady Sketch Show), and a special appearance by K. Michelle (American SoulK. Michelle: Just Like Jay).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, things have been rough for Monica (Goodwin). She just broke up with her long-term boyfriend. In addition, her father just died. However, things seem to be looking up. The broadcaster just got a new job. Monica is hosting an afternoon talk show. 

Now, her life is more hectic. Therefore, she hires Simone (Riley) to be her assistant. Simone and Riley became fast friends. Simone conveniently moves next door. Yet, behind Simone’s sweet as pie exterior, something is off. Monica realizes Simone is not as sweet as she acts.

Can she stop Simone before she takes over Monica’s entire life?


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