Kody Brown’s Nephew Reveals Mormon S*x Is Not Good & More

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Kody Brown and his family have always tried to keep their private life rather conservative. In the series opener of Sister Wives, they did admit they were intimate with one another. Yet it did not extend much more than that. Now, it appears Kody’s nephew has come out of the woodwork to spill some tea. It spawned a whole Reddit thread and now followers cannot get enough.

Kody Brown’s Interesting Extended Family

When the world first met the Brown family, it was quickly revealed that Kody was not born into polygamy. He and his father began to explore it when he was older, around twenty. After Kody married Meri in 1990, they knew a second wife was in the cards for them since she was raised in polygamy. Enter Janelle who had known Meri for some time as she had been married to Meri’s brother. They ultimately got divorced yet prior to Janelle entering the plural union, something interesting occurred. Her mother, Sheryl married Kody’s dad and became his second wife. Therefore, when Janelle wed Kody in 1993, they were stepsiblings.

Kody Brown Sister Wives Youtube
Kody Brown Sister Wives Youtube

Kody married his third wife, Christine in 1994 and they are actually fourth cousins. By 2010, he was ready to start courting again and Robyn Sullivan was the perfect fit. She had been previously married to David Jessop who is Kody’s third cousin. He is also Christine’s first cousin. It’s a very small world. On the show, there were a few times when Kody and the gang would go to his father’s ranch. Apparently, his nephew was there but preferred to be blurred out as he did not want to be seen on TLC. He goes on to talk about a lot more and confirms Kody is in fact his uncle.

Meeting Little Kody

In a TikTok video that has made its way to Reddit, Kody’s nephew is making his name for himself. He goes by the name of @plyglet which was a nickname teased on the series premiere of SW. That is apparently what children of plural families are called. However, his actual name is Benjamin Brown and he notes there are a lot of polygamous sects. He says it is not to be confused with polygamous s*x which there is also a lot of- and it is not very good. Followers could not believe how much he resembled Kody Brown. “Look at him… I’d believe him if he said he was Kodys long-lost son. He looks just like him,” one noted.

Credit: TikTok

Another added: “I see the resemblance. Even sounds like him.” It was confirmed by Paedon that Benjamin is in fact Kody’s nephew so there needn’t be any further questions. Redditors appreciated his humor as apparently he is a stand-up comedian and were quick to follow him on TikTok for more videos. He seems to be very down to Earth and relaxed, able to make fun of himself, and much of what Kody wants to be.

What are your thoughts on Kody Brown’s nephew Benjamin and would you like to see more of him on the show? Let us know in the comments.

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