Isabel Roloff Shares Precious Throwback Snap Of Herself At Age 5

Isabel Roloff Shares Precious Throwback Snap Of Herself At Age 5 [Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram]

Little People Big World star Isabel Roloff shared a precious throwback photo. She took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of herself from when she was five years old. This comes after she shared some appreciation for her big boobs and double chin. The reality star is making peace with her body, even though she shared a snapshot before she got pregnant.

Isabel’s last throwback photo was when she showed off her curvy figure. She let the photo do all the talking. While Isabel rarely posts photos of herself, she will share the occasional selfie or throwback post.

Isabel Roloff wants to change up her hairstyle

Last month, Isabel Roloff shared a throwback photo of herself. She posed in front of an open vehicle. The television personality looked off into the distance. Isabel put all the focus on her curves.

In the Instagram post, she wore a burnt orange shirt with dark brown jeans. She didn’t provide any context for this photo. What’s interesting is that she turned the comments off the post. Isabel probably didn’t want to get any other comments about her body.

Isabel Roloff Curvaceous Throwback Photo [Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram]
[Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram]
Instead, she wants the focus on her hair. Isabel has expressed an interest in changing up her hair before. In the throwback photo, her ginger hair comes just past her shoulders. Her hair has grown halfway down her back.

When Isabel Roloff posted the photo, she admitted she “wanted to chop all my hair off again.” However, she hasn’t made the big chop since. Since then, Isabel Roloff shared another throwback photo. She’s also talking about the hair she had when she was just a child.

Isabel Roloff shares an adorable photo from her childhood

On Thursday, March 31, Isabel Roloff took to her Instagram Stories to post a new throwback photo. This one stemmed from her childhood. She’s just five years old in the photo. Little Isabel wears an oversized navy blue sweatshirt and a big smile on her face.

Her red hair is swept across her face. What’s also different is that Isabel had bangs when she was a child. Not only does she want the big chop, but she also wants to get bangs again.

“Bought that time of year when I want to get bangs again,” Isabel Roloff wrote in her post. “This is me with bangs at 5 years old. I’ve BEEN rocking them.”

Isabel Roloff Throwback Photo [Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram Stories]
The reality star concluded her message with the whistling emoji. The picture shows her with shaggy bangs. What hairstyle do you think Isabel Roloff should get? Bangs or the big chop? Sound off below in the comment section.

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