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Kim Kardashian Trashed For Being Out Of Touch Again

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Kim Kardashian is in trouble with fans…again. This time because she is suggesting some clothing for the office that most normal working people know they could never wear. Keep reading to find out more.

Kim Kardashian suggests tight tops

Kim Kardashian owns a lingerie and clothing brand called SKIMS. She recently announced the launch of a new product in her SKIMS collection. One of those things is a long sleeve, skin-tight, crop top situation. In a TikTok made by the company, they show the shirt on a model and list places that the top could be worn. These include “date night,” “to the office” and a “weekend hike.”

According to The Sun, fans instantly took to Reddit to discuss just how out of touch Kim seems to be with normal office life. Generally, offices tend to have pretty strict dress codes. Skin-tight crop tops are not usually in that dress code.

  • “THIS IS A OFFICE LOOK??” one person writes.
  • “Tell me you never worked in an office without telling me you’ve never worked in an office.”
  • “I’m getting a talking from HR if I wore that.”

3 places to wear the #SKIMS New Vintage Scoop Long Sleeve, as seen on @bean by jess

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Her view on working

This isn’t the first time Kim has been accused of being insensitive to the working class. She also decided to spread some womanly advice to her followers about working and how to make money.

Kim Kardashian | YouTube
Kim Kardashian | YouTube

“I have the best advice for women in business: Get your f*cking a** up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days,” Kim says in the interview. She continues by adding “You have to surround yourself with people that want to work. Have a good work environment where everyone loves what they do, because you have one life. No toxic work environments.”

Just like the crop top, fans couldn’t believe how out of touch Kim is with her money and her privilege.

  • “Holy sh*t, if only we could all grow up rich with influential parents and then tell less fortunate individuals that they need to work harder. I’m not even doubting that she works hard. But holy sh*t lady,” one person writes in response to the advice.
  • “I have no doubt Kim works, but everything is easier when you have millions of dollars and an army of people working for you,” another one notes.
  • “kim kardashian: nobody wants to work these days. Everyone working 40+ hour weeks and earning minimum wage: no sh*t,” someone else jokes.

Kim did end up apologizing for that one – but only that it was taken out of context. Not for how she offended so many people. It will be interesting to see how she rebounds from both of these sticky situations she is in now.

Do you think Kim Kardashian is out of touch with her views on the office? Let us know in the comments below Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Kardashian family members.

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  1. Kim is a joke if she worked in an office dressed like she does she would not be working long. Let’s be honest most of the time she looks like a whore dressed up for a John. For some guy to jack off on her

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