Jordan Rodgers Teases Babies With JoJo Fletcher

Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher via YouTube

Wedding bells will soon be ringing for JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers after having to postpone the event for Covid. Now, as their wedding draws near, Jordan is sharing when there may be babies added to the mix. Keep reading to find out more.

Jordan Rodgers teases babies with JoJo Fletcher

Bachelor Nation shared what Jordan Rodgers had to say about having babies with JoJo Fletcher. Fans know their wedding will now be in May 2022 after originally having it scheduled for June 2020. So what are their plans for after they are husband and wife?

Jordan shared that when he and JoJo originally talked about having kids they wanted to wait a few years after getting married. However, now that it’s been almost two years since their original wedding date their ideas may have changed a bit.

Jordan said, “We always said we wanted to get married and then have a couple years of marriage before we started having kids if we’re so blessed to be able to have kids. But that was when we were supposed to get married in 2020. Now we’re getting married in 2022, so we’re in those ‘couple years’ right now! Sooo…”

He continued on saying “Wedding then babies. Let’s just say JoJo doesn’t NOT have baby fever…”

Other details about their wedding day

Jordan shared more thoughts about their wedding day and a few of his concerns. One thing on Jordan’s mind is how much he is supposed to cry when he sees JoJo for the first time. Does he let one tear slide down his cheek? Or, does he go ahead and just sob. Either way, JoJo will no doubt look stunning walking down the aisle.

He also shared that he and JoJo are writing their own vows. Jordan said, “I don’t get anxiety about much in life but this gives me anxiety, I don’t even know where to start with my vows. Where do you start with this?! Any writers or anyone have any suggestions, hit me in the DMs!”

While Jordan has been talking about getting ready for the big day, JoJo had a trip with her girls. JoJo along with Becca Tilley and other friends traveled to Mexico to celebrate her last fling as a single woman.

Credit: JoJo Fletcher/Instagram
Credit: JoJo Fletcher/Instagram

The pictures revealed a good time was had by all. Now, JoJo can focus on preparing the last details for her and Jordan’s big day.

Are you excited to see JoJo and Jordan get married and start a family?




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