Is Blake Moynes Heading To ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2022?

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Blake Moynes has made a name for himself on The Bachelorette. He began by dating Clare Crawley, then moved on to Tayshia Adams. After that, he really wanted to meet Katie Thurston so he joined her season as well. Once he and Katie broke up, Blake pretty much said he was done with Bachelor Nation appearances. But, has his thoughts on this changed? Could Blake be heading to Bachelor in Paradise?

Is Blake Moynes heading to BIP?

Now that Blake Moynes has had time to heal from his broken engagement with Katie, is he ready for more reality television? US Weekly shared what Blake had to say recently in an Instagram Q&A.

During the chat, a fan asked Blake his thoughts on returning to reality tv again. He jokingly replied, “Duh, Paradise! Count it down! Can’t wait to get on that beach, get back into it.” He added, “Probably not, never say never, but not unless it was a great opportunity for something, but I’d like to not.”

So, while it doesn’t seem likely it seems there is always a chance Blake could try one more time.

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The way they were

Fans really loved Blake and Katie together. It was disappointing to many when they called things off just two months after the finale aired.

Just a month later, Katie announced she was with John Hersey. Blake felt blindsided by the announcement. While Blake doesn’t believe there was physical cheating between Katie and John, he does think there were some emotional feelings happening.

Katie recently responded to the allegations that there was overlap between her relationship with Blake and with John. She said, “We both knew our relationship was not working out. My relationship with Blake was a very separate situation [from] my relationship with John.” She continued, “There was not overlap. There was nothing but respect. It’s just two different situations.”

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John also admits that it was hard watching Katie put effort into the relationship with Blake as it was falling apart. He admitted he was very angry when they were accused of emotional cheating.

Katie and John are still happy and in love. As for Blake, he doesn’t appear to be dating anyone at the moment. So, could Bachelor in Paradise really be a possibility for Blake this summer?

Fans will have to wait and see. So far there has also been nothing confirmed that BIP is happening. However, Reality Steve noted he didn’t see any reason why it wouldn’t and that potential cast members are already being interviewed.

What do you think about Blake in Paradise?


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