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Gwendlyn Brown Sheds Light On Her Relationship With Robyn

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Gwendlyn Brown has grown up before viewers’ very eyes. She went from one of Christine Brown’s little girls to an evolved twenty-year-old woman. She has been somewhat open about her personal life and now she is opening up about her relationship with Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn.

Gwendlyn Brown And The Many Moms

When Sister Wives first began in 2010, Christine was very adamant about one thing. She made it clear that all of the kids were hers. As the third wife, she entered the Brown family in 1994. Shortly after, Janelle gave birth to Logan who was Kody’s first child ever. From there, she, Meri, and Christine would go on to add an additional eleven children. In the premiere, Christine was pregnant with her sixth child and Kody’s thirteenth. Yet, as she was teaching Janelle’s youngest, Savanah, she explicitly said no one could tell her the little girl was not hers, as well. At the same time, Kody was courting Robyn who had three children from a previous marriage.

What does Sister Wives star Kody Brown contribute to the family?
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She married Kody by the end of Season 1 and would go on to have two biological kids with Kody. It later came out that she never truly connected with Janelle or Christine the way she wanted. Though the initial three wives all raised the kids together, it was never clear what the kids referred to them as. Each wife had chosen a grandmother’s name with the exception of Meri. However, the only certain thing was none of the wives wanted to be referred to as “stepmom.” So, what are the children supposed to call the other mothers? Gwendlyn answered this, at least when it came to Robyn.

Call Me Mama?

Since last November, a lot has happened in the Brown family. Christine revealed she and Kody had parted ways. At the same time, Season 16 began to air which showed Kody’s allegiance to Robyn. The family was further divided throughout the pandemic. More so, Christine admitted it was hard for her girls to watch and respect their dad when he was showing favoritism. That was clearly directed at Robyn when he was at her home almost exclusively for nine months. Additionally, Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn Brown started to live her best life. She has found a great girlfriend.

Sister Wives - Gwendlyn Brown Instagram
Sister Wives – Gwendlyn Brown Instagram

It appears the two are engaged as Gwen proposed over social media. They also just spent time together in Disney World during a Brown family vacation. Missing were Kody, Meri, and Robyn. Back to social media, someone was inquiring about Robyn. To conclude the conversation, Gwen simply stated, “she’s my step mom.” Now, this is typically frowned upon as the wives like to be looked at as equal mothers. So is this just pertaining to Robyn or have the titles changed now that Christine is no longer in the family? Perhaps the children are now at an age where they can decide what they choose to call the “moms.”

Do you think Robyn has become so much of an outsider that she has lost her title of mother? Let us know in the comments below.

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