Claire Duggar Responds To Pregnancy Rumors?

Hilary Spivey Instagram, Claire Duggar

Claire Duggar might be responding to all of the questions and speculation about her potentially being pregnant. Since she married Justin Duggar in February of 2021, Counting On fans have been looking for clues that the pair might be growing their little family. Claire’s recent pictures may be a response to all of the questions.

After tying the knot in 2021, Justin and Claire moved to Texas, which is where her family, the Spiveys, lives. It looks like Justin may be flipping houses for a living there, as he recently purchased and sold a home after renovating it. But the couple hasn’t shared too many details about married life yet. They post on social media occasionally, but the whole Duggar family has been trying to lay low, it seems.

Fans have been keeping an eye on Justin and Claire Duggar for any signs she might be pregnant. If they weren’t Duggars, it wouldn’t be shocking for them to not be expecting yet. Typically, the Duggar kids have started having children within the first year of their marriage, though.

But it looks like Justin and Claire might be doing things differently because they still haven’t made an announcement.

Now, Claire Duggar has shared a couple of new photos of herself to possibly shut down the pregnancy speculation.

Hilary Spivey Instagram, Claire Duggar

Is Claire Duggar shutting down the pregnancy rumors?

On her Instagram stories on Wednesday, March 30, the Duggar daughter-in-law shared a couple of snaps during her recent trip to the nursery. She writes, “Went to a nursery this afternoon and now very ready for spring.”

In one photo, she is looking down as she admires the flowers on display.

Claire Duggar Instagram
Claire Duggar Instagram

Claire also shared a side view photo of herself as she held flowers at the nursery. In the snap below, you can see that her stomach is flat. It’s possible that this pose was photographed to shut down all of the questions about her possibly being pregnant. Maybe she wanted to show curious Duggar fans that there’s no baby bump yet.

Claire Duggar Instagram
Claire Duggar Instagram

Of course, there’s no way for us to know for sure whether Claire and Justin are growing their family yet. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

So, do you think this is proof that Claire Duggar is not pregnant yet? Or do you think there’s still a chance she is? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Duggar family news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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