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‘Chrisley Knows Best:’ Is Family Drama Brewing?

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Todd Chrisley and his family have had a lot of attention over the past couple of years. From inquiries into their tax situation to the younger Chrisley’s public relationships, they’re always showing up in headlines. Todd and Julie have been very open on their podcast with everything that is going on.

His estranged daughter Lindsie Chrisley has accused him of threatening her along with her half-brother Chase Chrisley among other things. During the trials when the Chrisleys were dealing with financial fraud during to mismanagement by a former employee, she was happy to talk to the press. Lately, she’s been keeping quiet.

The recent posts from not just Todd’s social media, but others in the Chrisley family make it look like something is definitely brewing under the surface. Could there be some drama coming? With this family that’s always a possibility. Read on to find out.

Todd Chrisley Shared On Instagram

Todd Chrisley posted the following on Instagram with the caption, “just sayin.” He seemed to imply the gossip out there isn’t taking both sides of the story into account. Fans commented on the post. One said, “I always say there are 3 sides to the story. Yours, Theirs, and The Truth!” A couple told Todd to, “preach it.”

Savannah Chrisley also posted about drama in her story with the post down below. She has a concerned look on her face. She captioned it, “drama got me like.” She could be looking at her dad or just posting a general statement about what’s going on. Savannah looks as beautiful as ever with a full face of makeup, a blue sweater, and a killer side-eye.

Savannah Chrisley, Instagram
Savannah Chrisley, Instagram

Where Could The Drama Be Coming From?

With Todd Chrisley and family, there’s no telling where the drama could be coming from. Some fans think it has to do with Lindsie who responded to Todd’s post about gossip. As we reported Lindsie doesn’t speak about her family that much on social media, but she couldn’t keep it in with this post. She said, “this will age well. very well. happy Monday folks.”

With that message, it will be interesting to see what news, or lack thereof comes out about this in the coming weeks. There is always the option that the Chrisleys are just messing around and there is no drama. They’ve been known to play fast and loose with their posts before. They know people hang on their words and dissect all of their comments and posts.

Do you think the drama involves Lindsie or something completely different?  To read more about what Lindsie Chrisley has been up to. Is she starved for attention in the press, why is she trolling? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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  1. The sentence, “They know people hang on their words and dissect all of their comments and posts.” Should be changed to, ‘They know -SOME- people hang on their words and dissect all of their comments and posts.’ Not all of us hang on to everything they say! Myself I have lost some interest in them; they are hardly on TV anymore and when they are it’s nothing but Repeats!! With all the so-called drama in their lives to be sure they can come up with some new episodes!

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