‘Sister Wives’ Fans Want Kody Brown Punished For Withholding Intimacy

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Sister Wives fans were shocked when they learned what officially led to the demise of Kody Brown’s marriage to third wife, Christine. Though the two announced their separation prior to the Season 16 premiere, it was fascinating to see how it all went down. Learning intimacy had a huge role in it all was a huge eye-opener. Now, fans have taken to Reddit to express their feelings on the situation and possible punishment for Kody.

Kody Brown Lacks Intimacy With His Sister Wives

When the series first began twelve years ago, the wives made it abundantly clear that they were intimate with Kody. In fact, Christine was expecting her sixth child, Truely with her husband of sixteen years. They shared he was welcomed in each wife’s room and he was on a rotation schedule. Of course, this had to be altered some when he began courting Robyn. She lived five hours away so he would spend extended weekends with her. Plus, once the two got married and she moved right next to the Brown single-family home, the wives lost a night. As the series progressed, a lot happened within the four marriages and cracks began to show. He was fighting with Christine a lot more. The same was true of his relationship with Meri.

Kody Brown and wives via YouTube
Kody Brown and wives via YouTube

She fell into a very dark place which led her to seek an online relationship. This could have broken the whole family but luckily, she had their support. Unfortunately, it was the last straw for Kody and she revealed in the Season 16 tell-all that they had not been intimate in a decade. Janelle says they are just fine however Kody admits the two are not in love with one another at all. As for Christine, they’ve been on such a rollercoaster with her threatening to leave for years. He ultimately told her he didn’t want to have an intimate marriage with her anymore. She couldn’t subscribe to that so she ended it. The only one he seems to have any true romantic interest in is Robyn so fans believe he should be punished for withholding intimacy.

Punishment For Withholding

After seeing the way Kody Brown has withheld intimacy from some of his wives, fans were up in arms. So they started a Reddit thread to address this with the idea he should receive a punishment. “If Kody withholds intimacy, I think it’s only fair that the wives’ personal money they make goes to themselves and their children, not be divided equally anymore,” one Redditor started off the thread. Another added: “Agreed 💯 Great point, actually. I mean, if you don’t want to have sex or hang out with them at all, why should you get their money?!?” This is a fair point because, without intimacy, the idea of the show is no longer valid. What fans saw at the beginning of the series no longer exists so why should Kody profit?

Kody Brown Sister Wives
Kody Brown Sister Wives

One Redditor noted the wives’ needs are actually fairly simple, especially Meri’s: “And they’re not asking for much. An occasional kiss, hug, or holding hands is the least they’re asking for.” It appears the women may keep the money they make on the side but have to pool their TLC earnings. That being said, Sister Wives money would include being wives and if Kody is not being a proper husband, should he get to have his hand in the cookie jar? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. TLC would be wise to end the show NOW. This is no longer representative of a plural marriage since one wife is the legal one and the only one Kody seems to want by his own words of not desiring any intimacy with the three others.

    1. I see no reason for the working wives to share their income with Sobbyn and Grody…let them get real jobs and make the three oldest kids work too just as the others have. And the wives and their kids should get their share of the TLC income. Time to Grody to pay the piper.

  2. That I agree with. In the eyes of God a man should lay with his wife and a woman with her husband. If he’s not being intimate, affectionate, caring, validating or anything else a husband should do for his wife in the eyes of God then he shouldn’t read the benefits of it.

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