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The Real Reason Jana Duggar Remains Single?

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For years, fans have wondered why Jana Duggar is still single. The eldest Duggar daughter has watched her younger siblings get married in their early twenties. Some of them have even been in their late teens when they got hitched. But at 32 years old, Jana has remained single.

There have been various rumors about her relationships, her sexuality, and more. She was linked to Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates, Stephen Wissmann (the brother of Hannah Wissmann, who has recently married Jeremiah Duggar), and many other guys. But nothing ever came from those rumors.

Though 32 isn’t “old,” it’s not common for someone to be single at 32 in the Duggar family. This is especially surprising when Jana’s siblings have gotten married at such young ages.

Now, someone close to the Duggar family is sharing some insight into Jana’s relationship status. Does this explain why she’s been single for so long?

Jana Duggar, YouTube

Jana Duggar’s singleness explained by family friend?

Bowman Fedosky, a family friend of the Duggars, recently spoke with Distractify and shared some insight into Jana’s singleness. He grew up in the Duggar family’s religion and was close with some of the kids. His parents are still close with the Duggars.

He explained, “I don’t want to talk bad about all the kids, but pretty much what you do is that you reach an age, you get married, you have kids. I even thought a few times, [the Duggar kids] might have done that kind of quick and maybe married someone who wasn’t the best for them just to get married.”

Then, Fedosky said, “I think [Jana’s] probably not wanting to do that and probably wanting to actually find someone she loves. I think she’s probably just waiting for the right person.”

So, maybe Jana Duggar is doing things differently than her siblings have and is hoping to find true love. Though her siblings appear to be happy in their relationships, no one really knows what’s going on behind the scenes. Fedosky seems to think it’s possible that they didn’t marry the right people.

It doesn’t seem like Jana is in a big rush to get married and move out of her parents’ home. Fans are hopeful that Jana will find love soon.

So, do you think this explains why Jana Duggar is still single? Do you have any predictions for what her future holds? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.
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  1. I beg to differ 32 is ancient if you intend to marry without compromising and what modern woman does not think she’s entitled to it all. It’s over, stick a fork in her

  2. Jana might just want to make sure she is “equally yoked” to a man who put God first before all. Those kind of men in today’s world are scarce.

  3. She just may be gay and doesn’t want or should I say is afraid to come out in that family That is one crazy group you go Janna do what and when you want to do it.

  4. When she is ready and finds the right person,then and only then should she get married,marriage is for life in her religion,she knows her own mine,no one but her should worry about it

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