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Natalie Lee Goes On Defense After Shayne Jansen’s Harsh Allegations

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Even after the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion special aired, many fans speculated there might be hope for Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee after all. The couple parted ways at the altar but still seemed pretty friendly online.

For a while at least, it seemed like they were keeping the possibility of a reunion alive.

But now, it seems like any chance of reconciliation is off the table — for good. After Shayne’s appearance on Nick Viall’s podcast crushed that once and for all.

Keep reading to find out what Shayne said and how Natalie is responding.

Natalie Lee claps back after her ex publically trashes her

Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen weren’t together during the reunion special, despite what some fans thought. However, they did reveal that they did try dating after the altar. During the reunion special, it seemed like the two were both open to reuniting down the road. But after Shayne’s appearance on Nick Viall’s podcast, that doesn’t seem likely to ever happen.

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On the podcast, Shayne admitted to Nick that their relationship was truly over. He went on to say that Natalie continuously made him feel horrible about himself. Shayne found himself questioning whether or not he ever loved her. He also said he didn’t feel like he would ever be enough for Natalie’s high standards and that she got a better edit on the show than he did.

However, Natalie is clapping back at a lot of the allegations. On her Instagram page, she addressed the hurtful things Shayne said on the podcast.

“Yes, I know about the podcast and am very shocked by what was said,” Natalie wrote in a story. She went on to list several things Shayne said about their relationship that allegedly wasn’t true. Ultimately, Natalie feels like Shayne said the hurtful things on Nick Viall’s podcast because she closed the door on any chance of a reconciliation.

“A major factor in our breakup last year is I found what I considered to be very flirtatious messages between him and other women. He’s right — I haven’t been able to get over this, and it’s the main reason I can’t get back together with him.”

Natalie Lee/Instagram

How do you think Natalie handled the situation? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

The couple seemed to have a rough time after the wedding episode

Shortly after the Love Is Blind Season 2 finale aired, ET caught up with Natalie Lee to discuss her time on the show.

The interviewer asks for more details about the fight with Shayne before the wedding. Natalie doesn’t get into many specifics. But her response does make sense based on what we saw from the couple onscreen.

“I think the pressure of our wedding also played a part into that, you know, feeling like we have to make a decision really quickly,” Natalie says. “You know, I think it just came down to our differences. I think just the feeling of making a lot of compromises may have gotten to him and I think he held that in for a bit and it kind of came out that night.”

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No matter who you believe, it’s probably for the best that Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen stay away from each other. Keep following us online for more Love Is Blind news!

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