Isabel Roloff Keeps It Tight For Jacob: What Is Pelvic Floor Therapy?

Isabel Roloff garnered a fair bit of attention today when she posted on Instagram about her latest adventure into self-care and personal wellness. This TLC-adjacent celeb has always been open about her support of women’s sexual health and personal wellbeing, and today is no exception. In her latest social media share, Isabel gives a little insight into what she’s doing to keep her lady bits in tip-top shape. And, as you can imagine – fans are asking questions. Read on to find out what had Isabel’s followers asking so many questions.

Isabel Aims To Please… Herself

Jacob Roloff’s wife is a definite supporter of women’s health and wellness. The sassy red-haired mom often posts about making health and happiness a priority – especially when it comes to ‘self-love.’

More than once, Isabel has partnered with various adult brands, telling viewers that it’s ok to explore their own bodies and the sensations that accompany those experiences. She believes that people deserve pleasure, and encourages her viewers to be more open. She aims to ease the awkwardness around the conversation of self-pleasure and hopes it will one day soon be less taboo.

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So far, fans have been receptive to Isabel’s message when it comes to making one’s sexual satisfaction a priority. Many have thanked her for using her platform in such a powerful way and often purchase items on her recommendation.

This Mum wholeheartedly believes in the plethora of benefits self-pleasure can bring. She regularly enlightens her audience on its advantages, which include the release of ‘happy hormones,’ more restful sleep, and even stress relief. She encourages women to add pleasure to their daily self-care routine.

Isabel Roloff: Tighter Than Fort Knox?

Last November, Isabel and her husband, Jacob Roloff, welcomed their first child into the world. Now, post-Mateo, Isabel has been open about her health journey. She shares the importance of taking the time to make your physical, mental, and sexual health a priority.

In her latest post, the 25-year old influencer reports that on Tuesday she had undergone both acupuncture and pelvic floor physical therapy all on the same day.

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The celeb says that acupuncture has always been a refreshing experience for her. She also shares that ‘body work’ is something she finds essential, saying that she regularly gets massages and practices yoga on a daily basis.

In the comments, many fans were curious about what ‘pelvic floor physical therapy’ actually entails. “Is it like Kegels?” asked one curious commenter.

Another commented that he “always knew she was tighter than Fort Knox,” as if the admission to therapy had confirmed it for him.

So, What Is Pelvic Floor Therapy?

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a set of treatments targeted toward the pelvic floor muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues.

Typically, these types of therapies involve manual manipulation of these muscles and ligaments. According to Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers, PFT contributes to arousal and climax, and assists in bladder and bowel control. It can also promote the proper function of the urinary tract, and reproductive systems. Additionally, it is known to assist with postpartum care and wellness.

Isabel Roloff says that these treatments have been especially helpful to her. She reveals that the therapy has helped her release a lot of tension from the birth and pregnancy that her body had been holding on to.

Mrs. Jacob Roloff reminds her followers that it is important to have forgiveness and grace for your body. She says she will continue to focus on physical healing and wellness every day.


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