Did Savanah Brown Just Take A Dig At ‘Sister Wives’ Fans?

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Sister Wives daughter Savanah Brown has always been fairly quiet. Yet viewers learned she was also quite sweet and rational during the last two seasons. Now it appears as time has gone on, Janelle’s youngest child is growing up and speaking out, possibly against the series’ fans.

Sister Wives Introduces Twelve Kids And One Savanah Brown

When the series first began in 2010, Savanah was only five years old. Though she was Janelle’s youngest child, she was being raised by the third wife, Christine. At the time, the three original wives all lived under one roof in Utah. Janelle admitted she loved her children but preferred to be out of the home at work, which she did for over twelve hours per day. Second wife Christine was the homemaker and helped educate all of the kids to continue to raise them as one. She took immense pride in this and was seen showing Savanah how to spell her name. As time went on, Robyn joined the family but never actually lived in the home. Eventually, the Browns chose to move to Vegas from Utah to avoid Kody getting arrested for polygamy.

Sister Wives Kody Brown - Brown Family

There, Janelle became much more involved with her children since the wives had individual homes with their children. She got her real estate license but eventually went into MLMs which was great. Her eldest daughter Maddie Brush gave birth to her first grandchild and that was a great addition to the family. In 2018, they all moved to Flagstaff and two years later, the pandemic hit. For Janelle’s two sons, Gabe and Garrison, it was very hard as they worked and went to school. For Savanah, having to social distance was fine as she was remote learning. She tried to explain sacrifices were okay, she was making them too but her brothers did not listen. For the first time, viewers started to see how level-headed the teenager was.

Savanah Brown Continues To Grow Up

Major milestones would continue to follow Savanah. Janelle posted a photo where she’s teaching her baby how to drive. She also had a tribute to Savanah on her birthday. Coincidentally, she shares a birthday with Janelle’s late mom, Sheryl who passed the same day in 2020. Savanah happened to wear Grandma Shery’s watch on their joint birthday so it was very special. Though Savanah stays very low-key on social media, especially Instagram, she has been posting more. Recently, her family shared personal photos of Savanah on a family trip to Disney World and Janelle brags about her all of the time.

Credit: Savanah Brown IG

Now, Screen Rant is sharing a photo and a post that alludes to Savanah taking a slight dig at Sister Wives fans. Next to a gorgeous photo of herself, Savanah shared a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote: “I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives.” It left fans and followers wondering if the seventeen-year-old was attempting to use humor to avoid drama In her life. The family is still dealing with the aftermath of Christine divorcing Kody yet Janelle and her kids are still very close to the former third wife and her children. Furthermore, rumors have been running rampant that Janelle has been thinking about leaving.

Do you think Savanah is sending a message to fans she just wants her family to be left alone? Let us know in the comments.

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