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‘Doubling Down Derricos’: Deon & Karen Hit With $15K Lawsuit

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Doubling Down on legal trouble? Deon and Karen Derrico hit with 15K lawsuit. Get all the details about their latest setback.

Doubling Down With The Derricos star shares heartbreaking update on baby #15

In 2020, TLC debuted their latest reality show starring a family of 10+ kids. Doubling Down With The Derricos features Karen and Deon Derrico, plus their 14 children.

Ranging from ages 15 to 2, the kids keep their parents on their toes. In fact, Karen was pregnant with the youngest, a set of triplets, on Season 1 of the show.

During the Season 3 premiere, she broke the news that she was pregnant with baby number 15. She had previously revealed that she wasn’t ready to stop having children.

Sadly, during the latest episode of the TLC show, Karen Derrico shared news of her heartbreaking miscarriage. Distractify reports that this was the reality star’s 7th miscarriage. The outlet notes that fans are pleading with the Derricos to stop trying to expand their family.

Deon and Karen hit with 15K lawsuit

The devastating blow of the miscarriage isn’t the only bad news for the couple. Earlier this week, The Sun broke the news of the Derricos’ latest brush with the legal system.

According to records obtained by the outlet, the TLC reality stars are being sued for 15K. Why? They allegedly owe a huge amount in student loans. Student Loan Solutions, LLC filed a lawsuit alleging the couple owed between 10K and 15K in student loans.

The news report states that the lawsuit is ongoing.

This isn’t the only legal trouble the Derricos have found themselves in lately.

Latest setback adds to ongoing legal trouble

About six months ago, the home the Derricos live in was put up on the auction block. The home had been purchased by the bank after the house went into foreclosure.

The Sun reveals that the home didn’t find a buyer at the September auction. However, the bank will likely try to offload it again at a future auction.

The entire Derrico family, including the 14 children, currently live in the Las Vegas home.

The Derrico family/Credit: TLC YouTube
The Derrico family/Credit: TLC YouTube

At this point, it’s unclear what the family will do if their home is sold at the next auction. However, the latest legal trouble comes amid years of financial problems for the expansive family.

Season 3 of Doubling Down With The Derricos premiered in February. It airs on Tuesday nights on TLC. The network has yet to renew the show for Season 4.

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  1. The Derrico’s cannot afford these children and have charged off on food stamps and other state monies as well s leaving a trail of bankruptcies in several states. What are they doing with their tv earnings and are they paying these states and banks back and are they claiming the income?

    1. How do you even know they are on Food Stamps? You are assuming. They are being paid to do a TV show and the husband is in Real estate. Plus they are planning on opening a family entertainment center in Myrtle Beach,does not sound like someone who is relying on the government for a hand out

      1. I agree with its just a shame when a family of color try to break into reality they try their best to find any type of dirt on them to get the show canceled. The dug fans stayed on along time before their mess broke. Also their kids is reaping benefits now. Please leave this family along and let them make there money. I enjoy this show with all those beautiful children and their GG. ❤️

        1. I totally agree with you. But there’s always someone who will try to dig up some negative mess. Leave these people alone

  2. The Derricos can handle their own business. They are not lazy people getting welfare. They can have as much children that they want! Mind your business! Leave decent people alone. Blessings to them. God has given them the charge to have children!! Beautiful family! I pray showers of blessings on them!

  3. It’s none of my business, if they can’t afford their bills then they should stop having children. We wanted more than 1, but we knew we couldn’t afford them.

  4. Honestly, If they want to have numerous amounts of children that is their business. When 19 kids and counting was on air not a single soul bashed them for the numerous amount of kids they had running around. We all have our shortcomings and shouldn’t be trying to hide ours and talk about the next person and what they are going through. I slightly doubt the family is on food stamps because the money the show is bringing in. Not every black family have to be on food stamps to survive and we aren’t the only race that are on foodstamps.

      1. We all know who you are referring to, by the statements that were made. She mentioned “race” so what.

    1. Food stamps usage is regional. In the Appalachian area it is mostly whites, where there is migrant farm workers it is mostly Hispanic, urban areas are African Americans. Food stamps was established to help people eat when they couldn’t afford to buy groceries. I only wish that they did a better job of promoting fresh food over the processed foods and they subsidize an amount for hygiene products too.

  5. Derricos seem very nice good people, and their children are the sweetest. I hope and pray the best for them. Vegas is not a healthy place. Think her home town would be healthier and less expensive.

  6. I do feel that due to their financial problems and hardships, it isn’t a good idea to keep having more babies. Not only does it affect them financially but Deon’s mother has also stressed how hard it has been on her because those are her grandchildren and she tries to help them but she isn’t in good health and she is getting up in age. They really need to take these things into consideration and stop. I mean why put themselves in a worse financial situation and struggle to keep a roof over their head and provide for their children.

    1. Why do u care. They haven’t called you and ask u to put something on it. Wh people need to mind their own business. Sweep around your own front door

  7. The human race should leave good people well enough alone and just pray to the heavenly father to help them maintain/ managed their finances better, if you see that they are having issues. With that said i hope all your needs are met today and tomorrow an so on. You may not know this that sometimes good people need a helping hand from time to time and that don’t make them lazy, unthoughtful, careless person or abuser of public help.

  8. It’s not the fact that they have a lot of kids it’s the fact that they are having kids with medical needs there is not enough people in that house to take care of all those kids with 19 kids and counting was on they were stupid the brother was in there raping everybody I just feel like they should stop having kids only because everybody can’t get enough attention from them Plus the father is gay

  9. They have a child with severe medical issues. Medical bills can really impact your income. I have stage 4 cancer and I am still paying for my initial surgeries from 2016. I still owe 2k and I cannot even figure out where some of the bills came from. It was ridiculous, I am sure things didn’t get billed correctly but you get blindsided with the news and then all these bills start pouring in. I can imagine if my child was diagnosed with a major illness especially within his brain it would have been even worse than my cancer diagnosis.

    1. My biggest concerns are. Karen’s health and the fact that a very few of their babies are being born with major health issues, and now we have several miscarriages. The parents should have a discussion about not having any more children. I hate to think this but the show is about having kids. What happens if they stop? No more $$?

  10. Some people are jealous of this black family because they are doing well, this paper the so call Sun go write about the 19 and counting family where are they now? Did you write about all the molestation going on in that family? Oh yes, print about the percentage of white People on welfare to the number of black. There are still a lot of Karen’s out there huh? All trying to put us down.

  11. I have watched them from the first .they are a Beautiful family no disrespect to parents and very smart children .and I love GG . She is a great grand yo the babies .the kids love her so much .. I hope the show gos on a long time .it’s so nice to see a family now without all the Drama .

  12. I have watched this family since Season 1 also. The kids are great & GG, love her honesty & her ❤ for her grandkids. I do wish them all the best but Karen is a tiny lady & needs to give her body some rest b4 carrying another child. Dawson w/her heart surgeries & the boy who had brain surgery. They have enuf to worry about. I agree, move closer to Karen’s family. IDK where the TLC money is going. I read Poppy has a son from a previous relationship. He used the son’s name & SS# to get money & ruined his credit. This young man is just starting adult life w/bad credit & name thru the mud, thanks Poppy. Deon & Jim Bob w/their chauvinistic ideas are sickening. Naming their children w/only D names or J names. The mothers deserve more respect 🙌 Poor Karen got 2 name the baby triplet that passed away Karter. That’s real big of you Poppy🙄

  13. My only concern with having so many children is health concerns for them. As we all know, egg health declines in older women and it absolutely breaks my heart when one of the babies have an issue. I would just want to spare anyone from that anguish if possible. They seem to be very loving parents and any child is blessed to have that.

  14. I thoroughly love, and enjoy the show. I read that their home had been foreclosed on, and sold in auction for, I do not even recall. The kids are so well mannered. I am appalled about theaccusations of food stamps, and that their kids are unhealthy with health issues. Who reported this info. I did see where Dawson had to have surgery, and one of the twins had brain surgery, not isolated to them, couldd happen to anyone. I wish them the Best

  15. I find some of yalls comments absurd, telling folks “just leave them alone, they’re not hurting anyone”. Yo, no one would be commenting on the D’s I’d they hadn’t turned their own family into a sideshow act on THE LEER-AT-US CHANNEL, aka TLC, aka The channel that has nothing to do with Learning but everything to do with exploiting families who don’t fit normal relatable standards. They made their lives PUBLIC for the whole world to comment on. “Leave them alone” isn’t likely. I agree tho they should use condoms or she should get an IUD, they have brought more kids into this world than they can give individual attention and affection to. When you have large family, and more kids than you have time for, all relationships begin to falter and not enough parent/kid time is enjoyable or doable anymore. It shouldn’t have to be that kids have to Schedule appointment times to be with mom or dad without interruption, because no parent/kid relationship is spontaneous anymore once you hit the 6 or 7 kid mark, you gotta assign time slots to everyone and everything. No schedule = chaos.

    1. Having the multiple births back to back is not healthy for Karen at all. It is also not healthy for the children. She is putting herself at risk for the sake of filling a huge void that Deon has in his soul. He does not care about the physical and psychological toll having the multiple children has on Karen. When Karen first presented an idea she had about starting a business, Deon shot her down. There is no way they can adequately provide and take care of this large family. He is not in a solid financial position to support them and he has not been for a long time. He gives a vague explanation that he is in real estate, but the truth of the matter is that he can’t even pay his mortgage on his homestead. They have filed multiple bankruptcies, and have numerous credit card debts. Parents cannot give the individual attention and guidance that the children need, it is not humanly possible with the number of children they have. He uses the fact that he had this many children as his identity. Deon needs to seek counseling to find out what is causing the void in his life that he is trying to fill with having so many children. We do need to pray for the family and not condemn them, but we can’t overlook the fact that they are struggling and are in need of counseling and financial help. They can’t take care of the children on their own, in spite of what Deon says. Yes, they are always happy, laughing and dancing, but they are not a sideshow, their TV show won’t last forever and they are not paid a sufficient enough salary from being on the show to make them become financially independent. These reality TV shows do not pay a extraordinary amount of money. Their business was put out there for all to see because they chose to put themselves on Reality TV. While we are being entertained watching them sing and dance, we should realize they need more than just our admiration. When the cameras are off, they are in need of so much more,

  16. The family is a family doing what spiritual order is about “being fruitful and multiplying. Clean, wholesome, love of family as the Word of God intended for people He made to live. There are some shows that has no business being aired on tv that are a disgrace and of no value to honor Kingdom of The Almighty Father, Judge His Son who will return or Comforter, Holy Spirit.

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