Is Blake Moynes Joining ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 10?

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Is Bachelorette alum Blake Moynes joining Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules? Keep reading to find out his answer to the fan question.

Bachelorette alum spending a lot of time with these Bravolebrities

Blake Moynes took to his social media earlier this month to share the reality TV crossover fans didn’t see coming. He posted a photo with Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor. Additionally, Taylor’s wife, Brittany, posted videos on her own Instagram Stories showing the Bachelorette star hanging out at their home.

The newfound friendship was casually explained away by having the same agent. However, new photos recently emerged of Blake hanging out with other VPR alums, including Kristen Doute.

So, when Moynes opened up his DMs for an Instagram Q&A, fans flooded him with questions about his connection to the Bravolebrities.

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Is Blake Moynes joining Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules?

Blake Moynes is familiar to reality TV viewers who watched Season 17 of The Bachelorette. The Toronto native got engaged to Katie Thurston during the season finale. However, they announced their split just a few months later.

His Instagram followers have been begging him to return to reality TV. Now fans are wondering if he’s joining Bravo after hanging out with multiple Vanderpump Rules alums.

“So are we going to see you on the next Vanderpump Rules season or…,” a fan bluntly asked Blake Moynes on Instagram.

Bachelor Nation fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for a Bravo crossover. He responded in the negative. While he thinks the group is “tons of fun,” he can’t hang. “I just don’t think I could keep up with them,” he confessed.

On the video seen below, he wrote, “We think bachelor nation shows are drama but Vanderpump takes that cake.” Moynes tagged Vanderpump Rules‘ Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz, and Lala Kent in the post. He also tagged Jax, Brittany, and Kristen.

Interestingly, only Katie, Tom and Lala appeared on Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules. The other three were fired and/or left the show following Season 8.

What’s the latest on the Bravo show’s future?

At this point, Bravo has yet to confirm that Season 10 will even happen. Some fans are speculating that Katie Maloney’s divorce from Tom Schwartz is a ploy for the show’s renewal.

There are also rumors that someone in theĀ VPR cast might get their own spinoff.

So, it doesn’t seem there will be a Bachelor Nation and Vanderpump Rules crossover just yet. However, former Bachelor contestant Erica Rose is a regular guest on Bravo’s Below Deck series.

Are you disappointed Blake Moynes isn’t joining Vanderpump Rules? Share your reaction in the comments below.

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  1. I couldn’t stand Jax then so why do I want to see him married with a kid with Brittany.
    “I’m Getting Married”! Trying to be faithful! Stassi is a real jerk talk about getting forced to push the proposal up as she nagged the poor guy to get married and even got pissed off at him when she thought he was going to but didn’t that night. Beau had his own plans and had to change them. If I hear “It’s my birthday” one more time I might go crazy! They were all a bunch of cheaters and crazy adults who acted like they were teenagers! I can’t watch sorry! Rachel is going to milk this for some big bucks and Sandoval too! If the cast refused to do scenes with the cheater’s then this would not even be a conversation! Lisa please don’t ruin it and hurt the people that got caught up in these two crazy people who thought they were in love “NOT”! She’s in a mental rehab center and Scandoval is trying to make music it least you screwed up his concert having him come back to film! I see no good in this and I have the utmost respect for you and this isn’t something you would do unless a little pressure was being put on you like “BRAVO’S NUMBER ONE SHOW” I can’t see you doing this for the money! Best wishes to you and Ken!

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