Truely Brown First Member To Reject Kody, Then Christine Followed?

Kody, Truely and Christine Brown via YouTube

Since early childhood, Sister Wives star Truely Brown has had no problem shunning her dad Kody Brown. Why is that? Did her rejection of Kody lead Christine Brown to follow? Keep reading to find out what Sister Wives fans think.

Was Truely Brown the first to reject Kody Brown?

Christine Brown was the first sister wife to make the big move to leave Kody Brown. However, was she really the first one to reject him? Fans seem to think perhaps she followed her daughter’s actions.

Fans who have followed Sister Wives since Season 1 know that it was shortly after Truely Brown was born that things started to go downhill. Christine had been struggling with postpartum depression when Kody headed off to California with Robyn Brown for their honeymoon.

Christine and Truely Brown via YouTube

This set things in motion for Christine to begin to feel disconnected from Kody and their marriage. She found herself jealous of Robyn. She admitted it was hard at times to be a sister wife.

As for Truely, she has grown up not really knowing her dad. Kody always appeared to fans to have his favorite children. Plus, it always seemed like and still does that Robyn was his priority. Truely was Kody’s thirteenth child overall and sixth child with Christine.

Truely has definitely grown up closer to her mom. When Kody is around, fans notice that she somewhat shuns him and has since early childhood. As Truely shuns Kody, Christine also starts to pull away from the marriage she had with him.

In fact, a video shared on Reddit shows Kody asking Truely if she’s excited her grandma is moving closer. He asks Truely for a high five and she politely tells him no thanks dad.

Fans love how she stands up to Kody

There are tons of fans that love how Christine has raised her daughter to not be afraid to have boundaries. It’s painfully obvious to everyone that Truely is not comfortable around Kody.

More fans have pointed out other instances where Truely has shunned Kody. One time she turned and walked away when Kody made an effort to pick her up. Another fan noted a time when Kody tried to hug her and she once again said no thanks.

Kody Brown and Children via YouTube

Did Christine learn how to set boundaries with Kody from her daughter’s courageous actions? It’s no secret that fans do not label Kody as a good dad. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

What do you think about Truely shunning her dad?



Jamie Colclasure


  1. Truly did and is doing what she feels her dad did to her and her mom. Good for her she has learned early not to take bad actions from any men especially her so called dad,in blood only

  2. He was trying to teach her and Solomon to ride bikes. I wondered why he hadn’t shown her before. She is a good bit older than the boy. He wasn’t being nice to her. She flat out got off the bike and told him she was finished learning how to ride. Went inside. Maybe instead of running around like a single man looking for another wife. He should have been with his pregnant or just had the baby wife and newborn. You reap what you sow.

  3. Who stays with Cody, who thinks he’s a gift to women, have been duped all these years.or have enjoyed the money. Totally evident when ROBYN came into the picture, Mari to divorce him, so he could marry his beauty ROBYN. All women show physical signs as they age and So will miss ROBYN Flee girls FLEE…He is totally consumed with Cody. A shame to his religion.

  4. Judgement will always be a bad human trait. It comes easy to us. People need to check themselves before they begin throwing stones at others because they don’t understand their lifestyle. If Kody wants four wives, let him. He did get four saying yes! Let them decide for themselves. Judgement, prejudice and ignorance running wild in all societies. Damaging. Hurting others no respect. Beware people, you and your children could easily fall victim to this ignorance. You will not like it. Take it from one who knows. Think before you speak. Live and let live.

  5. Truly is the smartest kid I’ve seen on sisterwives. She figured out from her beginning that dad is no good. Proud of her!

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