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Tayshia Adams Reveals If She’s Dating After Zac Clark Split

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Fans were disappointed when fan-favorite couple Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark ended their one-year engagement. Since their split, Zac has stayed somewhat out of the spotlight. Tayshia has moved and is making her presence known once again. But, is the former Bachelorette dating anyone? Keep reading to find out more.

Is Tayshia Adams dating anyone?

US Weekly shared what Tayshia Adams had to share about if she’s dating anyone. So, while Tayshia is a hot commodity, she is happy to report she is not ready to date anyone. In fact, she said she’s in no rush to start dating at all.

She also said regarding her dating life, “It’s pretty nonexistent for me right now.” Tayshia continued, “I really have no desire [to date]. … Maybe [in] a year from now.”

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For the time being, Tayshia is happy to just focus on herself. She said,  “I feel like my main focus right now is myself, my career, my mental health, my happiness, my family, my friends and really just becoming my own [person], and I’m really happy with that.”

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Has anyone been pursuing her?

Tayshia was asked if anyone from Bachelor Nation had slid into her DMs. She said she has no idea. Tayshia continued saying she never checks her DMs. She said, “I don’t even look at my DMs. So no, I don’t know. And if they did [DM me, I’d say], ‘Hi, hello. But a girl’s working, OK? I got s–t to do today.’”

Fans were hoping to see Tayshia and Zac work out long-term. However, that wasn’t in the cards. Sources close to the couple noted that prior to their split there was obvious tension between them.

They tried to make their relationship work but in the end, realized they both wanted different things. Their relationship had run its course.

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Even though Tayshia isn’t really ready to date just yet, she does have an idea of what she’s looking for in a partner. Tayshia said, “Someone that’s strong, supportive, kind, ambitious, empathetic.” She continued,  “I don’t know. Just a good man.”

She has pretty much said she doesn’t think she would return to find love on television. However, how does Tayshia feel about dating apps? Turns out she’s not too keen on those either.

Tayshia said, “You know, dating apps, I don’t think they are for me.” She went on to say,  “I would love to meet somebody organically or a mutual friend of somebody because they kind of vet someone out to you.”

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