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Savanah Brown Mirrors Janelle & Maddie In Stunning, Rare Snapshot

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Savanah Brown is the youngest of Janelle’s children. She was also the most rational of the three still at home during the pandemic. Yet some believe she’s been the most overlooked simply because she does not cause a stir and keeps to herself. Now, she is finally coming out of her shell and showing off her beauty even more with one thing being very clear. The teenager continues to grow and look more like her mother and older sister, Maddie every day.

Savanah Brown- Quiet But Strong

Viewers first met Savanah in 2010 when Sister Wives debuted on TLC. She was Kody’s second wife’s youngest child out of their six but was seen being taught by Christine. As the third wife, Christine picked up all of the homemaker and mothering duties. Janelle was known as the workhorse, being out of the home about thirteen hours per day. Though she loved her kids, she preferred to work so it helped to have a sister wife to assist with the children all of the time. Christine was shown teaching a five-year-old Savanah how to spell out her name despite having six kids of her own.

Kody and Savanah Brown/Instagram
Kody and Savanah Brown/Instagram

As the family continued to expand and Kody feared getting arrested for polygamy, the Browns relocated from Utah to Las Vegas. There, each wife had individual homes where Janelle was much more in control. By 2018, they had moved once again to Flagstaff. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit in 2020 which meant Savanah had to do remote learning. At the same time, her brothers Gabe and Garrison still lived at home but were scrutinized by Kody for being social. Savanah, for her part, maintained she was able to social distance therefore they could too. She soon gained a place in the family as wise and knowledgable and now is growing up faster than anyone expected.

Growing Into Herself

With Savanah Brown showing she was wise beyond her years and extremely logical, she went from quiet to assertive. Though she rarely posts much on social media, her mother, Janelle is very proud of Savanah’s milestones. One of them being her learning to drive. She also gave her a great seventeenth birthday tribute which also happened to be Janelle’s late mother’s birthday. Interestingly enough, Grandma Sheryl passed the previous year on her birthday. Savanah was wearing her grandmother’s watch which made Janelle feel very close to her mother.

Savanah Brown Credit: Janelle Brown IG

Recently, Savanah has been posting more about her life and having family fun. She recently went on a family trip with her and Christine’s family to Disney World. Now, on a day trip to Sedona, Janelle is showing off her beautiful young daughter. She is radiating and just so happens to look like a mix of both her mother and her older sister, Maddie Brush.

Credit: Janelle Brown IG

Instagram followers were quick to notice the similarities between Savanah, Maddie, and Janelle. “Savannah is so dang pretty! Just like Maddie! They both look like their mama!” Another added: “She is so beautiful! She looks so much like you, Janelle.”

Who do you think Savanah looks like? Let us know in the comments below.


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