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Robyn Brown’s SHOCKING Reason Why She Shops At Victoria’s Secret?

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Robyn Brown has been known to shop at Victoria’s Secret. Along with her husband Kody, the two like to make a stop at the lingerie/apparel shop. They were spotted there twice in two months. Recently, Reddit got word of this and had several thoughts and feelings to express.

Robyn Brown Shops Victoria’s Secret Amidst A Pandemic

Kody Brown had very strict pandemic protocols he expected all the wives and children to follow. Unfortunately, he believed Janelle and Christine did not do their part at all. He felt Christine was traveling far too much and endangering the family as a whole. In his mind, he should be the only person traveling from home to home. However, Christine had children in other states so she could not fully comply with his extremely stringent rules. As for Janelle, she also traveled to be with her kids while having three living at home. Two of them were working and in college. She wanted them to be able to live their lives so she openly said she would choose them over her husband.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Meri was extremely safe yet she and Kody were distant from one another for a very long time. Robyn was the only one he was connecting with as he referred to her as the “obedient” wife. Furthermore, her five did not step out of line whatsoever which Kody appreciated. Therefore, he was always at her home. Yet, towards the end of 2021, Robyn was caught out with Kody. They were at a public shopping mall and ended up at Victoria’s Secret despite the pandemic still in full effect. Fans were shocked but Robyn tried to explain her way out of it.

The Real Reason Behind Victoria’s Secret

Robyn Brown claims the reason she goes to VS is due to her long legs. This has caused an outrage mainly because she is estimated to only be about 5’6. The main person in the family who would ever have a struggle with finding clothes to fit her long legs would be Ysabel. She is around 5’11 after her scoliosis surgery. Plus, Robyn needs to realize buying intimate clothing is nothing to be ashamed of, in moderation. The original three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine never hid their intimacy with Kody. Yet it seems Robyn wants to hide this fact.

Robyn Brown/YouTube
Robyn Brown/YouTube

Redditors did not believe her excuse and had a lot to say. “I’m actually dying. Robyn Long Legs. That’s it, that’s what I’m calling her now,” 0ne person commented. Another added: “Came here to co-sign. I have a 36″ inseam and have never HAD to buy jeans from VS. And pajamas? Who cares if they’re long enough?” Finally, most of the comments were about fans and how their heights never forced them to go to VS. So her reasoning holds very little water.

Do you call Robyn’s bluff on this one? Let us know in the comments.


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