Can ‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Dr. Now Smell Success & Failure?

A lot of My 600-Lb. Life viewers tune in to the show to watch Dr. Now in action. The bariatric surgeon is in his 70s now, but still happily practices medicine and helps patients that need it.

But can Dr. Now really determine whether or not a patient will be successful with his program before they even start? Keep reading to see what Reddit users have to say about the situation.

Dr. Now has been in the business for quite some time — can he spot success cases in advance?

Each My 600-Lb. Life guest is on a journey. They really want to achieve their weight loss goals and Dr. Now’s program is a tool to help them. But they aren’t always successful.

But Reddit users wonder whether or not Dr. Now knows if each patient will be successful upon their first meeting.

“How soon do you think Dr. Now knows whether a patient is going to be a success or a failure?” the original Reddit user asks. “Since he’s been a physician for so long, I was wondering if maybe after his first meeting with a patient he can think to himself ‘Yup— this one will make it.’ Or ‘Nope— not gonna happen.’ Do you think any of the patients supervised Dr. Now? (I.e. He initially didn’t think they’d be successful, and they did well or vice versa).”

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Other Reddit users seemed to have a wide variety of opinions. One user suggested that Dr. Now doesn’t label his patients as successful or failures — they believe he practices grace and compassion with all his patients.

Another user suggested that the process is never as simple as “successful” ad “failures.”

“I stopped drinking 3.5 years ago and I’m in a 12 step program. I’ve seen all walks of life come through the doors and you never know what will happen with people when they start getting some tools to fix themselves. Obviously this is why so many people struggle, because how they use those tools it is up to them – and them alone,” the Reddit user continued.

“It put me in a battle with myself which I see all of the patients on this show go through. You never, ever know what can happen, or when, I’ve seen some wild surprises, myself included.”

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So what can we determine from the discussion?

Users seem to agree that the situation is complicated. At the end of the day, Dr. Now gives his patients the tools he believes will truly help them on their weight loss journey.

Some My 600-Lb. Life guests will see spectacular results while others may be a little dissatisfied. All bodies are different and will respond to the program differently.

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