Brittany Cartwright Does Jenny Craig Proud, Unveils New Body

Brittany Cartwright from Youtube

Brittany Cartwright posted several full-length photos on her Instagram story showing off her post-baby body. She looks absolutely amazing less than a year after giving birth to Cruz.

Brittany Cartwright Is An Ambassador For Jenny Craig

Currently, Brittany is a brand ambassador for Jenny Craig’s Max Up Program. When she announced she was partnering with Jenny Craig, she set a 30-pound weight loss goal for herself. This would put her at her pre-pregnancy weight.

The Max Up Program includes pre-made meals and specific resources to help people with their weight loss goals. Brittany has been open about the weight she gained during pregnancy. She has also been vulnerable about the expectations placed on her by fans of the show.

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“I was being heavily compared to Stassi and Scheana and Lala. … I’ve always been bigger than them, but my weight has always fluctuated and stuff,” she said. At the time, she acknowledge that it would take her a while to get where she wanted to be.

According to Brittany, her reasons for losing weight have more to do with her health than vanity. While she’s still proud of her body and loves herself, she wants to be healthier for herself and her family. She has been able to make even more progress with the support of her husband who has been changing his own eating habits.

Anyone who has had a baby knows losing weight from pregnancy can be difficult. However, Brittany has done an amazing job! More recently, she has shared photos that really show off her new figure.

Here’s A Look At Brittany’s New Body

Cartwright got glammed up for a new Jenny Craig ad campaign. The sneak peek photos she posted show a slim-looking Brittany just weeks before baby Cruz’s first birthday.

The photos of Cartwright showed her in full makeup wearing a variety of different glamorous dresses. Each one showed off how much progress she’s made on her weight loss goals. Take a look at this recent snap from her Instagram Story.

Brittany Cartwright - Brittany Cartwright

Credit: Instagram/Brittany Cartwright

The former Vanderpump Rules star had a number of outfit changes for the photoshoot for Jenny Craig. She shared her excitement with one photo saying, “So excited to show y’all my progress!”

Another picture Cartwright shared on her Instagram Story showed her in a strappy red dress. It really showed off how much weight she’s lost and she teased followers by saying, “Sneak peek.” She also gave fans other behind-the-scenes looks at her glam team and makeup.

She wrapped up the shoot by posing with the entire glam squad and her publicist, Lori Krebs. Her publicist shared on Instagram that  Brittany Cartwright is looking and feeling better than she ever has before. Krebs added, “She’s about to be all over your tv screens! Can’t wait for you all to see what we’ve been up to.”

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  1. Looks like the it’s working…. Wish she would just use a new make-up team. I keep looking at those eyebrows…. Not a good look.

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