Was ‘MAFS’ Olajuwon’s Outburst Staged?

MAFS Olajuwon via youtube

Season 14 of MAFS has been filled with drama. In fact, it’s been so much drama that fans are hoping Season 15 tones it down a bit. There is a lot of speculation that perhaps Olajuwon’s outburst towards his wife Katina was more scripted than genuine. Keep reading to find out why fans think this could be accurate information.

Was MAFS Olajuwon’s fight with Katina staged?

ScreenRant shared why Married at First Sight fans are feeling like Olajuwon’s outburst towards Katina may have been more scripted than genuine.

Just like Alyssa has been deemed the worst wife, Olajuwon has been deemed the worst husband. He gained the villain title early when he noted how he would require Katina to cook for him daily. He also admitted to cheating on his past girlfriends. However, he really secured the villain role when he yelled at Katina at the end of dinner. He’s also been labeled as emotionally abusive for putting her down without letting her explain. He even told the camera crew to back off during the argument. But, was he yelling because that’s how he acts or did producers influence his outburst?

What caused the latest outburst? Olajuwon found out that Katina has a dating app on her phone and lost it. However, there are some clues that are leading fans to believe his rage may not be completely factual.

Katina and Olajuwon via youtube
Katina and Olajuwon via youtube

Reasons fans believe it may have been staged

First of all, MAFS fans do not believe the phone Olajuwon was looking at on the bus was even the phone Katina ultimately showed him. One fan said, “The phone they showed [Olajuwon] looking through on the bus was not the phone [Katina] gave him when he asked to see her phone.” Some believe it was a prop phone handed to him instead.

Plus, there are many who insist the show is somewhat scripted. One fan noted that Bao and Johnny had even confessed that show was extremely scripted.

At this point, everyone can only hope it was scripted and not a true testament to how he would act off-camera with his wife.

Things do not seem to be moving forward in a good way with Olajuwon and Katina. Most fans believe that decision day will end in divorce for these two.

Fans didn’t get to see a new MAFS episode this past week, however, a new one will air this coming Wednesday night on Lifetime.

Do you think Olajuwon’s outburst was real or was it more producer interference?

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