‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Dr. Nowzaradan’s 2022 Net Worth Revealed

Dr. Nowzaradan's 2022 Net Worth - YouTube/tlc uk

If you have ever watched an episode of My 600-Lb. Life you know who Dr. Now is, but you may be surprised to learn what Dr. Nowzaradan’s 2022 net worth is. After several seasons, he has been able to amass a sizable amount of wealth.

Dr. Now Is A Published Author, Surgeon, And TV Personality

Although most people know him from the TLC show, Dr. Nowzaradan has had an extensive career beyond that of a television personality. Of course, he has spent decades working as a surgeon, which has made him plenty of money.

Dr. Nowzaradan's 2022 net worth - YouTube/tlc uk

Credit: YouTube/tlc uk

On top of his medical career, Dr. Now has also published several books, including Last Chance to Live and Scales Don’t Lie, People Do. He has also authored a number of scholarly pieces about obesity and has been published in at least five papers.

Not to mention, his appearances on My 600-Lb. Life has made him more in-demand than ever before. Since he started appearing on the TLC program in 2012, his services have been highly sought-after. He has been labeled as one of the most experienced weight loss physicians in the world. Here’s what all of that has done for Nowzaradan’s wealth in 2022.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s 2022 Net Worth

His successful career has led Dr. Nowzaradan’s 2022 net worth to be an impressive $6 million. Considering half of all practicing physicians have a net worth of $1 million or more, it isn’t too surprising. He practices at several hospitals in the Houston area. However, Dr. Now has been able to make some of his cash outside of the operating room.

My 600-Lb. Life has been a huge moneymaker for the doctor. Like other TLC stars, Dr. Now is paid for every appearance on the show. Being on My 600-Lb. Life has also helped the doctor gain more visibility. His services are more in demand than ever before.

Dr. Nowzaradan's 2022 net worth - YouTube/tlc uk

Credit: YouTube/tlc uk

Unfortunately, the show has found itself in some legal trouble more recently. The production company, Megalomedia, has been accused of falsifying medical reports for the show. Several past cast members have filed lawsuits against the production company as well. Lawsuits mention gross negligence, fraud, and forcing scripted lines on patients.

The biggest complaint of them all so far has been that producers have promised people appearing on the show that they will pay for the medical expenses they accrued while on the show.  Then, the production company backed off of the deal, leaving the patients to foot an unexpected bill.

None of these rumors have been verified, nor has the network mentioned canceling the show. The air dates for Season 11 have not yet been released though. Fans are wondering if My 600-Lb. Life will return to television.

As of 2022, Dr. Now is in his late 70s and will likely retire soon, but he hasn’t made any announcements yet. So, Dr. Nowzaradan’s 2022 net worth may continue to grow for several years before he hangs up his stethoscope.

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