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Tori Roloff Gets EXTRA Snarky With Fans Over Jackson

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Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff is getting extra snarky with fans who are criticizing her parenting skills. She’s often under fire online after sharing photos and videos of her kids, Jackson, 4, and Lilah, 2. Fans mom-shame her, regardless of what she posts.

Some fans don’t like the way she has Jackson work with her to promote products on her large social media page. Others dislike some of the things she’s said in her post, which may come across as tone-deaf.

Tori’s son, Jackson, has done something else that’s sure to get her some negative attention. But this time, Tori isn’t going to have it. She’s stopping her followers dead in their tracks before they can say anything negative about how she’s raising her kids.

Tori Roloff, YouTube

Tori Roloff stands up to the haters.

In a series of new Instagram stories on Thursday, March 24, Tori Roloff revealed that her four-year-old son had found a snake while playing outside. It’s a pretty small, seemingly harmless snake.

But Tori didn’t want to hear any rude comments about it, so she decided to put an end to them before they had a chance to begin.

While sharing a snap of Jackson holding the snake, Tori wrote, “Can’t wait to hear all the snarky comments about what a terrible parent I am, but this kid LOVEDDDDDD this.”

The four-year-old is looking closely at the snake in his hands and seems to be interested in his new, slimy friend. He’s making eye contact with the small black snake while holding him very carefully. It looks like he knows exactly how to handle the snake.

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Because Tori only posted this to her Instagram stories and not her main Instagram feed, fans can only reply to it privately. So, she can see the potentially snarky responses, but no one else can. So, we don’t know if she still got negative comments from fans, despite trying to show them just how much Jackson enjoyed hanging out with the snake he found.

Hopefully, the criticism won’t be too harsh this time around. It sounds like Tori is fed up with all of the haters lately.

So, what do you think of Tori Roloff’s snarky comment toward fans? Are you glad to see her stopping the haters dead in their tracks? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Roloff family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Nothing wrong with being snarky, sometimes you have to be the bi**h in the room to shut the other ones up. now for Jackson boys love snakes,snails,frogs and other critters of sorts and some girls also. It looks to be a black snake harmless unless your a mouse or a rat. Glad to see Tori is letting her son be a boy and to let him be interested in nature. Like it’s been said in a song Haters going to hate,hate,hate.

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