Robyn Brown Blames Her ‘Impure’ Truth On Ex?

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Robyn Brown has made it no secret that she was in a marriage prior to meeting Kody. The two were wed for around eight years before calling it quits. Despite welcoming three children together, Robyn was very open about the fact the union was not a healthy one. However, there came a point on Sister Wives where the fourth wife decided to share her purity story. During it, she essentially blamed her ex-husband for taking her virginity. However, some Redditors rewatched the full Robyn ‘Purity Talk’ and have developed very strong feelings about it. Her lack of accountability created quite the thread.

Robyn Brown Breaks The Family Rules

Even though she grew up in a polygamist family, Robyn and her ex-husband David Jessop never practiced the lifestyle. When they divorced, she claimed she had many suitors but did not want to be in a monogamous relationship. It was clear that she wanted sister wives and luckily, she met Meri. She would go on to introduce her husband Kody to Robyn and they would immediately hit it off. Unfortunately, Robyn did not play by the rules which was hard for the already established family. Meri legally married Kody in 1990 and three years later, they took on a second wife, Janelle. The following year, Christine came along and made everything far more peaceful.

Sister Wives - Kody - Robyn - Meri - Janelle - Youtube
Sister Wives – Kody – Robyn – Meri – Janelle – Youtube

Fortunately, it was a very cohesive unit and they learned how to work together with Christine as the homemaker and Janelle as the worker bee. Sixteen years and twelve children later, Kody began courting Robyn but he was so giddy, he was not thinking. In courting, there are rules like no kissing and no intimacy prior to marriage. Kody broke a core rule by sealing the engagement with a kiss. There have been questions if the couple went and did more. He also picked out her wedding dress with and for her. Plus the couple enjoyed an 11-day honeymoon so really, has Robyn truly followed the rules of the faith?

The Purity Talk

During one episode, Robyn Brown sat the children down to discuss purity. She shared a story about a girl who gave it away to the wrong person and how he was not worth it. In the end, she found the right man but felt bad because he was the one who should have gotten this gift. Fans have seen this and took to Reddit to express their feelings. To be clear, the girl in the story was her, and the man was her ex. “She’s crying again because she gave her virginity to the wrong guy…I think some of us have been there, done that but not cried over it,” one Redditor joked.

As the comments progressed, the real reason the discussion came up was revealed. Apparently, it was her eldest son Dayton’s birthday and she knew her marriage records were public knowledge. Therefore, viewers would find out she was not pure before she wed.  Another Redditor noted: “Don’t tell your kids ON NATIONAL TELEVISION that their father bullied her into sex and was a mistake. I’m struggling to think if they even should know any of that, but they certainly don’t need ME knowing it.”

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The comments just kept coming: “I’m surprised she hasn’t come up with a way to convince people she was a virgin when she met Kody.” Yet many of the comments were aimed towards her children and how they must have felt. If she had not been with her ex, they would not be here so she needs to stop the blame game. Others said she will use any excuse to cry.

Do you think she should blame losing her purity solely on her ex or should she be grateful for where she is? Let us know in the comments.


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