Lala Kent Brags About Dating Younger Man & Famous Guys?

Lala Kent Brags About Dating Younger Man & Famous Guys? [Credit: Bravo/YouTube]

Is Lala Kent bragging about dating younger men and famous guys? She wants to date someone who’s the complete opposite of her ex-fiance Randall Emmett. Yet, she’s still talking to Hollywood men.

This comes after she bashed her ex once again on her podcast, Give Them Lala. She said that she doesn’t miss having him around. Lala has been bashing Randall left and right.

The Bravo star claims that she wants to focus on her one-year-old daughter, Ocean Emmett, and growing her Give Them Lala business. However, she’s been dating several men since their split. She revealed which men she’s been talking to lately.

Lala Kent brags about her dating pursuits

Lala Kent shared an update on her dating life on the Wednesday, March 23 episode of Give Them Lala. The Vanderpump Rules star said she’s dated famous men and she even talks to younger guys. She wants to keep her options full. The former SUR hostess has no interest in settling down anytime soon.

“Everyone I’m talking to now, they’re known people,” Lala Kent said on her podcast. “They’re younger.”

The 31-year-old said that 28 is the youngest she’ll date. So, they’re not much younger than her. The reality star is unsure if she “could go back to the 20-year” age gap that she had with Randall. Lala reached out to her potential suitors in the DMs.

Lala Kent Talks Dating Younger Men [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Their ages range from “22 to 24.” When it came to one guy, she was speechless. Lala Kent didn’t use words, but rather a series of emojis. She said that she sent him the fire emoji and the chef’s emoji.

This comes after one of her dates didn’t work out. She admitted on her recent Amazon Live session that he didn’t pass the background check. This was the guy who looked like “Superman” and had a body full of tattoos. While he was a nice guy, Lala knew he wasn’t the right one.

Pump Rules star is not in her “h* phase”

Lala Kent has a different perspective on dating. She doesn’t have the idea of hooking up on her mind. Rather, she just enjoys the attention she’s getting from men. She told her listeners that she’s no longer in her “h* phase anymore.”

Lala Kent struggles with intimacy after ending her engagement with Randall. She sees the act as something that’s “dirty” and “gross.” The entrepreneur may consider therapy to help her reconnect with her body and intimacy again. Rather than hooking up, Lala says she is “just looking to parade [someone] around like eye candy” because she doesn’t want to get into another relationship.

Her conversations with the men she’s dating are very “surface level.” She claims she has “nothing to offer a man.” She wants to keep things easy and light. Lala gets enough love and support from the people in her life.

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