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Intruder Slides Into Danielle Busby’s Bed: ‘This Is Horrible’

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Danielle Busby took to her Instagram Stories recently to announce “This Is Horrible” before revealing an intruder had slid into her bed. Her photo revealed a rather cute little intruder had wedged their way into the bed in between Danielle and her husband Adam. Who slipped into bed with Danielle and Adam Busby? Why was it so horrible? Keep reading for the details.

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Danielle Busby has ‘horrible’ intruder in her bed

The OutDaughtered mother shared a photo of herself in bed with her husband Adam. She told her followers it was “horrible” as an intruder had wedged their way into the bed. Her photo revealed that one of her dogs had snuck into the bed with mommy and daddy. Gus looked to be fast asleep as he was curled up next to his daddy Adam who was also sleeping.

Danielle Busby tells her followers it is “horrible” because she and Adam have never opened their bed to any additional bodies. The TLC personality explains that despite having six beautiful little girls, sleeping in bed with mommy and daddy was never something they allowed. She continued to explain it would have just resulted in a bad habit they would have had to break later down the line. So, it was just easier to instill good sleeping habits from the beginning.

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More spoiled than their sisters

Danielle Busby realized this intruder in her bed has also busted her as a big-time dog mom. She fesses up to the fact that she spoils her two fur babies rotten. Initially, fans were a bit concerned when Adam and Danielle revealed the decision to bring a second dog into their home.

The OutDaughtered fans were concerned Beaux would be left in the dust for the new puppy. With so many people living under the roof of the Busby home, it goes without saying that there is enough love for two fur babies. Likewise, Danielle appears to be doing just fine spoiling both of her fur babies rotten.

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How do you think Adam Busby feels about Gus climbing into bed with Danielle after they strictly disallowed the girls from doing so? Do you think the dogs should be allowed in the bed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest OutDaughtered news.

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