Amy King Loses It After Hearing Josh’s Sentencing Postponed

Josh Duggar mugshot (Washington County Jail) and Amy King Instagram

Duggar cousin Amy King had a strong reaction after learning Josh’s sentencing had been postponed. Since his arrest, she’s been vocal about his crimes and how she feels about it all.

On social media, Amy has been calling out her “toxic” family. Her mother, Deanna, has also shared posts about her famous relatives. The mother-daughter pair seems to be happy that justice is being served.

Deanna has also said that she was not made aware of everything that was going on behind the scenes with the Duggars years ago. She says she was kept in the dark.

In case you haven’t been following Josh’s case closely, you should know that the Duggar son was convicted on child pornography charges. He was found guilty of both receiving and possessing child pornography. He’s now waiting to be sentenced.

In the meantime, he’s being held in jail in Washington County, Arkansas, which is where the whole Duggar family is from. The eldest Duggar son was first set to be sentenced on April 5. However, his legal team fought to have his sentencing delayed. It’s now been moved to May 25.

So, how does his cousin, Amy King, feel about the delay?

Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram

Amy King reacts to the news of Josh Duggar’s sentencing being postponed.

Amy King is reacting very strongly after learning that Josh will be sentenced at a later date. She was on an Instagram live, chatting with her followers when someone brought up the news of the delay. They wanted to know her thoughts on it.

But it sounds like Amy hadn’t heard the news until then. She admitted, “I didn’t even know that it got delayed.”

Then, she said, “Predators need to be off the streets and locked up, they need to be on an island all by themselves.”

She called the whole situation “So sickening and so sad.”

Amy King started feeling emotional and appeared to be fighting back tears. She said, “It has been extremely difficult. I’m not gonna cry.”
Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram

She said she’s been having some “trust issues” and has had a hard time with all of this.

Josh Duggar’s cousin added, “To have a family member in prison…how do you navigate that and I’m struggling with my faith over it.”

So, does it surprise you that Amy King is reacting this way? Did you feel the same way about the news? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar news.

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  1. Even after Josh is in prison we will here about the duggers fro years. They will not just stop posts about them which is sad. EVERYONE has issues that they need to take care of daily,If you are a human you need to face issues daily as we all sin ever day. Jesus loves them all and he will not find faults with them like we as humans do. God is the only sure one that loves each of us.I will keep praying for them all and the courts who will pass the time he will spend in prison. I feel bad for his kids who will grow up with dad not being home to love them.

    1. Put the koolaid down. Stop trying to force your religion on others! And let me correct something for ya. I’m HAPPY Josh won’t be home to HURT his kids. You have no idea how to protect a child. This post proves it. Religion is dying and it’s because of delusional people like you and the Duggars.

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