‘600-Lb. Life’ Samantha Mason 2022 Update: Lost More Than Weight

My 600 Lb Life Samantha Mason

My 600-Lb. Life fans were introduced to Samantha Mason during Season 9. On Reddit, fans of the show drag her as a “negative nancy” who is never positive about anything. Whenever a re-run of her episode of the show airs on TLC, viewers often wonder where is Samantha Mason now and how is she doing with her weight loss? Fortunately, we do have a 2022 update on where she is and what she’s doing now.

While she has lost an incredible amount of weight after having her weight loss surgery… Dr. Now’s former patient reveals a massive amount of weight isn’t the only thing she’s lost. In fact, it turns out Samantha Mason has lost something else that she misses dearly. What was it that she lost? Keep reading for the details.

my 600 Lb Life Samantha Mason

My 600-Lb. Life Samantha Mason 2022 update

The easiest way to get updates on Samantha Mason is to follow her on TikTok. The former TLC personality appears to post a couple of videos a week on her profile. It has been just a few days since she posted a video of herself talking to her followers. For the most part, it appears as if she keeps the comments on her posts turned off not allowing the audience of the show to interact with her.

As we’ve previously reported in updates regarding Samantha Mason, she is not on good terms with the show. In fact, she has promised to release an expose as soon as she was legally clear to do so.

On Reddit, fans admit they were surprised to see Samantha had dropped 100’s of pounds. Considering she utilized her weight to make money and pay her bills… Fans assumed she wouldn’t be willing to drop that much weight because it would force her to get some other type of job.

Samanatha Mason Tik Tok

She lost so much more than just weight

While there is no denying she looks like a completely different person in her TikTok videos… Samantha Mason does not appear to be very happy with her transformation. In the caption of a recent video, she reveals that thanks to weight loss surgery she lost her gorgeous and healthy hair. On Reddit, fans admit they are a little taken back by the fact that she appears to regret having weight loss surgery. Fans note there are tons of options available Samantha could use to bring her hair back to life.

From the start, Samantha Mason has made it clear she regretted going on the show and was horrified by the way she was treated. While she has to feel better after shedding all of that extra weight… Her TikTok videos suggest she hasn’t found true happiness at the end of her weight loss journey just yet.

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