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Who Got Voted Off ‘Survivor’ 42, Episode 3?

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It is interesting that Jeff Probst gives Season 41 the title “A season of firsts”. By all metrics, Season 42 is having way more firsts for the show. Already the first 2 episodes had moments never before seen in the show’s history. Like Jackson Fox’s removal and the record number of “shot in the dark” twist attempts. There are enough firsts in Episode 3 to exceed the prior 2 episodes combined.

It’s a wild episode. From beginning to end a crazy number of things are happening. So much so that the Ika tribe is essentially not present at all to make room for how much is happening on Taku and especially Vati. Many of these firsts for the show culminated in a sad elimination. An elimination that many are saying feels more than a little unfair.

‘Survivor’ 42

‘Survivor’ 42, Episode 3

The castaway who got the boot this week is Jenny Kim. She made a lot of fans in Episode 1 with her clearly high intelligence and calming demeanor. Many thought she would go far, and they were excited to see it because of how rare it is for an older woman to do well in Survivor. Sadly, the votes went her way this time. But not necessarily per any fault of her own.

Jenny had an alliance of 4. In a tribe of 6, that would usually be an incredibly powerful thing. Barring an idol or a last-second blindside, the votes should have gone her way. But almost all of the twists this season revolve around losing votes. They’re all about risks, and consequences for those risks. While Jenny seems like someone good at calculating the odds of risks and making the best decision for her game, her allies are fairly poor at it. Mike and Chanelle, 2 of Jenny’s 4 alliance members, lost their votes due to these risky twists. Chanelle specifically lost hers in a way many view as one of the dumbest Survivor decisions of the season.

Because of Jenny’s foolhardy alliance members, the two on the bottom, Hai and Lydia, were able to tie up the votes. Once they had a tie, Jenny’s elimination came down to, once again, one of her own allies failing her. Daniel ultimately flipped in his desire not to go to rocks. So Jenny went home. In the wake of this, many have been saying Jenny’s elimination is production’s fault for their many twists. There is something to be said for surrounding yourself with the right kind of people, though. And Jenny clearly failed to do that.

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Jenny Kim/Credit: ET Canada/YouTube

It’s Not Stopping

There are 14 castaways remaining after Episode 3. In Season 41, they merged the tribes at 12 without swapping a single time. It’s the first time they haven’t swapped before the merge in a very long time. And it’s unknown if they’ll persist with that this season, as well. But they’ve already been mixing things up from last season, so maybe a swap is around the corner. Either way, they’ll be merging soon. And given how chaotic we’ve already seen this cast is, expect more fireworks when they’re sharing one beach.

Survivor 42 will keep airing new episodes every Wednesday.

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