Tori Roloff Goes Over The Top With Pushing Her Goods?

Tori Roloff Goes Over The Top With Pushing Her Goods? [Credit: YouTube]

Is Tori Roloff going over the top with pushing her goods? Little People Big World fans think so. They think she’s making “outrageous” demands when it comes to her $5,000 nursery giveaway. She received backlash for the rules when it came to the social media contest.

Giveaways have become popular on Instagram. Some are scams, while others are backed up by reality stars and celebrities. Tori wanted to organize a giveaway for her fans and followers on Instagram. However, fans think she’s asking for too much. Her giveaway has a long list of requests.

Tori Roloff received criticism for her “outrageous” giveaway

Some LPBW fans think she’s trying too hard to push her goods. Tori Roloff shared a photo of herself with her two children, Jackson, 4, and Lilah, 2, on Instagram. The first one shows them hanging out in the nursery. Both of her kids stand in the crib beside her. Tori sits on the floor and embraces her baby bump.

The photo reads: “Win your dream nursery/kids room.” Swipe right and you’ll see all the loot that it includes. Fans could win a Snoo Bassinet, Wonderful Wagon Doona Stroller & Car Seat, Tubbytodd Package, Mothertribe Package, and more. It values at over $5,000.

Tori Roloff's Big Giveaway For Fans [Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram]
[Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram]
Yet, this big giveaway comes with big demands. Tori Roloff encouraged her followers to take part in the contest. The TLC star collaborated with Savvy Giveaways to give away this “dream nursery/playroom.” Fans will get everything they see in the photo.

She explained how fans can enter for this giveaway. Even though it’s free to enter, it has a list of demands. It’s harder to get this giveaway than previously assumed. Now, fans are calling out Tori Roloff for pushing her stuff on them. Others are slamming her for the long list of requirements.

Fans called out LPBW star for harsh demands

Some of the rules include following 45 Instagram accounts that are followed by the Savvy Giveaways page. Fans must also tag their mom friends for their entries to be valid. This is one of the hardest giveaways to join on Instagram. To increase one’s chance at winning, the reality star also wants fans to include their email address in a separate link found on the page’s Instagram bio.

Adding your email address grants you 10 bonus entries. Obviously, the giveaway caught the attention of soon-to-be moms, who would love such a nursery. However, they were turned off by the long list of demands. Some of them called out Tori Roloff for the crazy list of rules.

“Follow 45 more influencers?” one user wrote.

Tori Roloff's Nursery Giveaway [Credit: Savvy Giveaway/Instagram]
[Credit: Savvy Giveaway/Instagram]
However, most of the fans took to the comment section to share their favorite movie. It’s unclear whether they know what else they have to do to win this giveaway. Most of them didn’t complain about the rules. It’ll be interesting to see who follows the rules and wins.

What are your thoughts on Tori Roloff’s giveaway? Do you think it has too many demands? Are you curious to join? Sound off below in the comment section.

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