‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Patients Abandoned When Cameras Stop Rolling?

My 600-Lb. Life from TLC

It’s no secret that My 600-Lb. Life is one of TLC’s best-performing programs. In each episode, viewers see guests try to take charge of their weight and start making healthier life choices. However, things may not be as great as they seem onscreen.

In fact, many former participants actually pursued lawsuits against My 600-Lb. Life. These lawsuits differ from guest to guest, but many contain similar elements. For example, many participants allege they received little emotional support and inadequate mental health care during their time on the show.

In short, it seems like My 600-Lb. Life has a pattern of abandoning patients when the cameras stop rolling.

Many My 600-Lb. Life contestants pursue legal action

Gina Marie Krasley was one of several cast members to sue the show. Unfortunately, Gina passed away last August, so she didn’t live to see justice carried out.

According to Starcasm, Gina and other former participants sued My 600-Lb. Life on grounds of negligence. The publication managed to obtain court documents, which complain of:

  • Failing to require a psychological evaluation of Plaintiff before administering an extreme weight loss diet
  • Failing to provide adequate mental health services to Plaintiff during filming and particularly, while placing her on the extreme weight loss diet
  • Failing to train their employees regarding depression despite the known risk of depression and suicide in those undergoing this type of extreme weight loss process
  • Causing emotional distress to Plaintiff for the purpose of ratings despite knowledge of distress

In other words, many participants feel that My 600-Lb. Life just doesn’t provide adequate care during production.

Gina Krasley/TLC

Many contestants, including Gina Krasley, allege the show’s production crew requires them to eat excessive amounts of food in order to fit the show’s narrative.

According to E! News, Gina Krasley attempted to team up with other former guests pursuing legal action.

“They all requested to consolidate their lawsuits, which make ‘similar allegations’ about emotional distress, according to the motion to consolidate,” the news outlet reports. “The defendants filed a motion to oppose consolidation. The case appears to be ongoing.”

Other show participants lost their battle with depression

It goes without saying that TLC isn’t thrilled about the lawsuits. In fact, some My 600-Lb. Life fans believe that’s why they pulled a specific episode from the Discovery+ app.

Reddit sleuths realized one Season 6 episode is missing from the app. The episode explores LB Bonner’s weight loss journey. Tragically, LB took his own life in 2018. His family sued My 600-Lb. Life as a result. Fans already know LB struggled with depression. It’s widely believed that his time on the show only made things worse.

With the ongoing legal battles, it’s possible TLC simply opted to remove his episode from the Discovery+ app. Will we see more episodes leave soon?

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  1. I have been ranting for years about the appalling neglect of the show’s participants, particularly by Dr Now. In fact, I would accuse him of gross negligence where Robert was concerned. His handling of Robert’s painkiller addiction was atrocious and, I believe, attributed to his death. His arrogance is astonishing and he clearly never questions his own judgment. The people featured on this show are victims of its dark ugliness.

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