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‘Young Sheldon’ Stars Talk About Season 5 Amid 100th Episode


The cast and crew of Young Sheldon have a lot to celebrate. They made it to one hundred episodes which is a huge feat for any series but especially for a spinoff. The show, spawned from the smash hit The Big Bang Theory, is reflecting on Season 5 and how far they have come.

Young Sheldon Makes Waves In The CBS Universe

Two years prior to The Big Bang Theory ending, the geniuses over at CBS decided to spin off one of the main characters. Sheldon Cooper was a genius know-it-all doctor and theoretical physicist who resided in California, played by Jim Parsons. He had a group of extremely smart friends (and one “pretty girl”) who somehow tolerated his antics. Yet his backstory was very opposite from that of the Cali-boy. He grew up in Texas with his twin sister, Missy who was his polar opposite. Additionally, they had a big brother George. He was deemed to be extremely athletic which Sheldon was definitely not.

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When Sheldon would get sick, he would be extremely needy. His friends, mainly Penny had to sing him a song, “Soft Kitty,” in order for him to be calm. More so, the role of his mother Mary was played by The Conners’ star Laurie Metcalf. Together, fans loved them and CBS saw the potential in a spinoff of Sheldon’s early years back in Texas. Now, five seasons in and one hundred episodes later, the cast is reflecting on the current season, what’s to come, and where they are at now.

Making It To One Hundred

Traditionally, the best part of making it to one hundred episodes is a show can go into all-out syndication. For a series like Young Sheldon, it has made its mark on television. Entertainment Tonight caught up with the cast and crew prior to the milestone episode which airs Thursday, March 31st. Co-creator/showrunner Steve Molaro had this to say: “There’s definitely some big changes that come in that are going to take us through the rest of the season, some big reveals. Once you see it, it ends on a show-shifting moment [and] I’ll leave it at that.”

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As for Annie Potts, who plays Meemaw, is excited they made it this far but is ready for another hundred. She is no stranger to sitcom success as she had a key role in the sitcom Designing Women. There, she played Mary Jo Shively for 163 episodes. So, what makes the show work so well? Iain Armitage (Sheldon) shares the secret: “We all have pretty good chemistry together and I think we do feel like a real family.” As of now, the series has been picked up through Season 7.

Are you excited for Young Sheldon’s game-changing one-hundredth episode? Let us know in the comments below.


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