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Why Did Jason Duggar Really Go Silent?

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Counting On fans have lots of questions about Jason Duggar these days. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s son has been quieter than usual, and it has fans talking. This realization has sparked a discussion among fans, wondering what’s going on with the whole family.

If you follow the Duggar family and their adult children on social media, you probably know that they post pretty frequently. Fans like to keep up with them online because their TLC shows have both been canceled. However, things have slowed down lately, and fans haven’t seen quite as many photos and videos from the famous family recently.

Now, fans are sharing their theories behind the Duggar family’s social media silence. So, why did Jason Duggar and his family really go silent on social media?

Jason Duggar Instagram

Fans wonder why Jason Duggar has gone silent.

Now, it’s been over a month since Jason Duggar last shared a new post on his Instagram page. In a new confession on the Duggar Bates Confessions Instagram page, a fan pointed out that many of the Duggars have been silent on social media. There have been a handful of posts from some of them, but for the most part, they seem to be laying low.

Many fans are convinced that the Duggars, including Jason, have stopped posting so much due to Josh’s arrest, trial, and guilty verdict. This has given the family a lot of negative attention. Regardless of what they post, they receive comments about Josh and his disgusting crimes.

One fan says, “I think it’s a Josh thing. Most went silent around the time of his trial and haven’t really been active since.”

Another fan thinks it’s deeper and that the arrest divided the family. They wonder if Jim Bob previously told his kids when and what to post. Now, as more details have been brought to light about the famous family, maybe the adult children are working on processing it all.

One fan says, “As someone who discovered a predator in the family and pretty much had to cut ties because family wouldn’t take it seriously…it’s really difficult and messy to navigate. I feel for them.”

You can check out the confession and the comments here.

Of course, there is no way to know for sure why Jason or any other family members are being quiet online. But it seems likely that it could have something to do with Josh’s trial, conviction, and upcoming sentencing (April 5).

So, why do you think that Jason Duggar and the other members of his family have been so quiet lately? Do you think it’s all because of Josh Duggar? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggars, come back to TV Shows Ace. We’ll continue to keep you up to date on the large, busy family.

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