Traci Braxton's 2022 net worth - YouTube/WEtv

Traci Braxton’s 2022 Net Worth Revealed

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Traci Braxton’s 2022 net worth may be a surprise to you. The former reality TV star didn’t make quite as much as you’d think.

It has been a little more than a week since Traci Braxton, 50, died from cancer. She quietly battled esophageal cancer over the last year. Her death shocked many fans of the Braxton Family Values. Traci had a fruitful career but what was her net worth at her time of death?

‘Braxton Family Values’ Built Traci’s Solo Career

The show Braxton Family Values played a huge part in Traci’s success. In fact, Traci acknowledged the impact the program has had on her life. She said that BFV helped her achieve some of her lifelong dreams, namely producing a solo album.

Traci Braxton's 2022 net worth - YouTube/WEtv

Credit: YouTube/WEtv

Traci released her debut album in 2014. The album, Crash and Burn, came several years after Traci left her sisters’ group, The Braxtons. She was forced to leave the group after she got pregnant at 17.

“The reality show really helped a lot,” she said in during an interview about her album. “It catapulted my ability and capabilities in singing and hearing the family sing and knowing that I can sing. I think it helped a lot of us a great deal.”

Fans of BFV grew to love Traci for her humorous confessionals and honesty. She was also vulnerable and shared her dreams of becoming a solo artist on the show. Viewers appreciated her for being herself.

So, what did that do for Traci Braxton’s net worth at her time of death in 2022?

Traci Braxton’s 2022 Net Worth

According to Distractify, Traci Braxton’s 2022 net worth is about $800,000. Most of her wealth stemmed from appearances she made on BFV. The show, which began airing in 2011, became one of WeTV’s most popular reality TV programs. It ran nine years before producers decided it was time to call it a wrap.

Traci Braxton's 2022 net worth - YouTube/WEtv

Credit: YouTube/WEtv

Like most reality TV stars, the show helped Braxton obtain other work throughout her career. She acted in smaller films like Sinners Wanted and All In. When you put her net worth side by side with a Kardashian though, there are huge differences. This is something her sister Tamar pointed out in a tweet in 2020.

She stated that the Braxton family was paid 75% less than the Kardashian family for their appearances on TV. This is the main reason why Traci Braxton’s 2022 net worth isn’t as high as other top reality television stars.

WeTV canceled Braxton Family Values in 2020. However, Tamar Braxton mentioned the sisters might consider returning to television on another network. Unfortunately, Traci didn’t get to see that happen, but she was able to lead a successful career up until her untimely death.

Until the sisters have made a decision about returning to TV, you can catch reruns of BFV on various streaming services, including Prime Video.

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