Robyn Brown Makes Empty Promise To Meri & Kody

Robyn & Meri Brown Rumors Pondered By Backwoods Barbi

Viewers thought it was the sweetest gesture when Robyn Brown offered to be a surrogate for Meri and Kody. She had just given birth to her first child with Kody and wanted Meri to feel the same elation. Therefore, she made the proposal, leaving the ball in her sister wife’s court. Now fans are questioning if Robyn was being truly genuine or just an attempt to make her look sweeter than she actually was.

Robyn Brown Offers Meri The Gift Of Life

One of the biggest struggles for Meri since day one was fertility. Her sister wives, Janelle and Christine were both able to give Kody six children each. However, Meri had just one daughter, Mariah though she desperately wanted more of her own. Mariah never truly felt like an only child since she was constantly surrounded by siblings. Yet, there was always that lingering desire to have more biological children. They tried as much as they could so when Robyn entered the family (via Meri), the two women formed a strong bond. It was extremely sweet and thoughtful that Robyn would offer to carry a baby for her sister wife.

Sister Wives Credit: YouTube

Meri and Kody had gone to fertility specialists and it was taking a toll. Eventually, Meri became content with just Mariah, especially as her marriage started to really dip. As fans started to rewatch the series from the beginning, their perception of Robyn’s offer has changed. Maybe it’s got something to do with what has transpired over the last sixteen seasons. In any case, it appears Robyn’s offer may not have been totally pure. A Reddit thread was started about Meri having another baby with Kody, Mariah, and Robyn all being addressed.

Babies, Babies- No Babies

Everyone wanted Meri to have babies. As Christine pointed out when she was pregnant with Truely in Season 1, Kody loved having babies. However, a Reddit thread began about the pressure Meri was under to keep trying to have more children. It was coming from her daughter and Kody then Robyn Brown threw herself into the mix. “When Robyn offered to carry Meri’s baby and Kody and Mariah couldn’t understand why Meri had such a hard time deciding, my blood boiled,” one Redditor noted. They went on to add Meri had been through so much trying to expand her family and it seemed like it just fell on deaf ears.

Meri and Robyn Brown YouTube
Meri and Robyn Brown YouTube

Then, after the offer, Kody gave her a timeframe in which she must make a decision as if she was placing a food order. “At some point he gives her a date to say if she wants another baby or not and try IVF. She wants to go for it but he never lets her talk and says no. Pay attention to that part because in my eyes it’s the end of their relationship,” another added. As for Robyn, there were some strong feelings about her part in all of it. “I think both Robyn and Kody weren’t on board with the idea of Robyn carrying Meri’s child but was using it as way for Robyn to play this very caring and supportive sister wife.”

Do you think Robyn was ever really on board with being a surrogate or was it just her way of playing the nice sister wife? More so, do you think Kody and Mariah should have tried to pressure Meri into having another baby? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Knowing what I know now, I truly believe it was an empty promise. And to go a little further, manipulative. This offer was given while Meri and Kody were still legally married. I think Robyn is calculated enough to think five steps ahead. I believe she only offered so that Meri would be more willing to give up her legal marriage to Kody so Robyn could be legally married to Kody.

    1. Robyn wanted to be Kody’s wife from the day they met. She said as much in one of the shows. Regardless Robyn got the snake for a husband to herself in the end. I don’t think Kody has never showed any of the wives respect and has treat the kids poorly. He has done nothing but brag about himself. He’s lived off the wives. I’m sorry that the kids are the ones to get hurt. At least some of the older kids realize they don’t want that for themselves. Kody’s oldest boy’s are more of a man than Kody.

  2. I think Robyn would have loved giving birth to another baby regardless of who it belonged to. Give birth and get all that Kody attention but not have to take care of another child? She didn’t have a nanny yet so hands down, was probably serious when she made the offer but also relieved that Meri didn’t take her up on it!

  3. There r no sister wife no more.No one want to see Kodie and Robin doing what????
    Can’t stand them Robin look like a witch look at her from a side view

    1. To comment on someone’s appearance is not very nice. I’m sure if you look in the mirror you would see things that are not so attractive. I know I do which is why I try to always say positive things to lift people up & not insult or hurt people.

    1. And, no doubt, Meri knew it. One way or another, both of those slimy weasels would’ve used that ‘loving gesture’ 🤮 selfishly, against Meri, Every.Single.Day.

  4. There is no trusting Robyn or Kody and to have Robyn have a baby for Meri is just awful. I would have smacked her face for even making the offer. Ugh. Please end Sister Wives once and for all. All these years of watching so much misery is enough. Robyn and Kody deserve each other!

  5. Kody makes me sick..He has his cake and eating it too..I feel so bad foe Meri and Christin…He has disrespected both women…..He still blames Meri for talking to the scrammer..She didn’t sleep with anyone. He’s one to talk.He sleeps with a drifferent woman every night..

  6. Kody is lazy.Ive never seen him work on a job….He free loads on all four women…..Meri needs to leave him and enjoy her life.
    Find a man that loves only her…Not one that needs 4 women and in a drifferent bed every night..He and male hoe….If he wasn’t on the show he would be broke.

  7. Robyn makes me want to vomit 🤢 I cannot stand her and all her fake crying about how sad she is about Kidy and Christine can’t work it out!!!

  8. I think Robyn is fake and full of herself making false promises to make herself look good. And I can’t watch the show after a few seasons you can tell that he really isn’t in love with any of them just Robyn. Like the pandemic he was giving hugs and kisses to Robyn yet had no affection with other wives. Sad they should run run far away from him especially Christine she was treated the whole time where she really didn’t have a Voice everyone just kept shutting her down she is brave for sticking it out.

  9. Sobbin Robyn who cries on cue, spare me. People are so quick to point the finger at Meri for the cat fishing but they forget that she gave up her legal marriage so that Kody could adopt Robyn’s kids. Robyn is the only one he cares about. Those phony BS excuses about Covid rules, meantime they had a nanny come into their house who brought in Covid.
    Why she needed a nanny with only two small children and three grown ass ones I cannot figure out. What nanny did Christine have when she was raising her 6 plus helping raise Janelle’s 6 so Janelle could work for the family?? I’m glad Christine left and I hope the other two strong intelligent women find the happiness they deserve, whatever they choose.

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