Kody Brown & Tony Padron Don’t Like Each Other, Why?

Kody Brown from TLC

Kody Brown of Sister Wives definitely has several enemies. But is his own son-in-law really one of them?

In a recent Reddit thread, fans seemed to notice that Tony Padron doesn’t really seem to get along with Kody Brown that well. Just because Tony married Mykelti doesn’t mean that he has a great relationship with her family members.

Keep reading to see what some Sister Wives fans had to say.

Kody Brown may not actually get along with his sons-in-law

Reddit users really break down different Sister Wives theories. But one user may be onto something regarding the relationship between Kody Brown and Tony Padron.

“So… I’m rewatching and noticing two things. I don’t think Tony likes Kody that much,” the original poster suggests. “Many people have said they think Tony was acting entitled when it came to Mykelti’s wedding, however, I personally think Tony was going to bat for Mykelti. I feel like he has a unique sense of humor, he’s a smart ass and most of his ‘off putting’ comments look differently when you consider the possibility of this scenario or something similar: Perhaps Kody never gave Mykelti the same amount of attention that he gave to Maddie. Maybe Mykelti expressed this to Tony. So Tony went into wedding planning fighting for what Mykelti wanted by making casual demands and smart ass remarks about Kody.”

Kody Brown/TLC

The user goes on to say that he doesn’t think that Aspyn’s husband Mitch gets along with Kody either. They point out Kody’s habit of choosing favorites and suggest he probably didn’t play much of a role in the lives of Christine’s daughters.

Fathers traditionally pay for their daughters’ wedding, but this didn’t happen here — even though Kody Brown complained about the cost.

“I didn’t like Tony and found him entitled until I found out that TLC paid for the wedding…” another user admitted. “I think Kody b*tching about the cost along with the issues you brought up pushed Tony to mess with Kody. Kody b*tched and cried about the cost of the wedding, and how much it was going to hurt his wallet, while having no actual financial responsibility for it.”

Do you agree with Reddit here? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments.

The family patriarch has a history of bad blood with family members

Sister Wives viewers probably wouldn’t be surprised by any of this. Kody Brown often butts heads with his blood-related family members and his own wives. It’s definitely not a stretch to think that he doesn’t get along well with his sons-in-law either.

The drama between Christine and Kody Brown during the last season of Sister Wives was explosive. Time will only tell what we’ll see in the next season.

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  1. That’s an interesting perspective. I took a dislike to Tony, but then I also thought, to be fair, that announcing their engagement a week before Maddie’s wedding and demanding a full wedding and honeymoon right on top of her sister’s was atrocious. Anyhow, I have another perspective for y’all: I cannot see how either Mykeltie or Mariah are Kody’s. I mean, look at all those blonde kids. And then there are those two…

    1. Kody is unfair with his affections and money.You get nothing if you don’t always agree with him.His son in law see right through Kody

  2. I felt Tony did act entitled. Kody and the sister wives had Aspyns wedding the summer in the same year. I can understand Kodys feelings when he spent money for Aspyns wedding and in December of the same year. I think Tony was a gold digger thinking the Browns were being paid more money than they actually are for Sister Wives. I think the opposite I think the only son in laws Kody gets along with are Caleb and Mitch.

  3. Wow….dissecting relationships on a reality show. That’s obviously time that could be spent doing something actually useful and valuable. As I want to do neither…(LOL)..I never cared for Tony. He may love his wife but I think she was more attractive as a reality show celebrity and he decided to push the envelope in demands 4 his wedding.

  4. Kody is a Douche and a horrible dad I can see why none of the in laws are unimpressed . Maybe So in Robins kids will make him happy and have plural marriages

  5. I think Kody is as phony as they come. My husband says he acts like a pimp
    Pretends to be so religious but I dont buy ott. The women need to get oher men

  6. Cody plays favoutites, with his wives and I’m sure also with his children. If the attention isn’t on him, he’s not happy. Hopefully the girls have nurturing husbands, something their dad didn’t provide.

  7. These girls all get engaged and married to the first person who gives them the attention their daddy didn’t. I don’t like Tony at all. He is a controlling creep. Then again, so is Kody. It makes sense that his daughter would marry a jerk like that. Maddie did not do much better. She married very young to a man who is almost ten years older! Of course he was ready to settle down. Then Madison dropped out of college after she and Janelle acted like Mykelti would be the one to quit. This while family is a mess.

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