Why Was Duggar Cousin Amy King At ‘Love After Lockup’ Premiere?

YouTube, Duggar cousin Amy King

A recent photo of Duggar cousin Amy King has resurfaced online, and it has fans talking about her past appearance. For some reason, she and her husband, Dillon King, attended the Love After Lockup red carpet premiere. Now, fans are curious to know why she was there. They are wondering if she was on the show at one point or has some other connection to the series. Read on to get all of the details.

YouTube, Duggar cousin Amy King

Duggar cousin Amy King makes an appearance at the Love After Lockup premiere.

In a new confession post on Duggar Bates Confessions on Instagram, a fan shared their thoughts about Amy and her cousins. The fan wondered if Amy was jealous of her cousins for some reason or if the Duggar kids were jealous of her. The picture used alongside the confession is of Dillon and Amy on the red carpet at the Love After Lockup premiere.

While some fans are commenting on the possibility of Amy or the Duggar cousins being jealous of each other, others are wondering about her red carpet appearance. She’s wearing a black dress while her husband Dillon sports a button-down shirt with a sports jacket.

You can see the photo and the confession here.

Why did Amy & Dillon King attend the premiere?

Fans are naturally curious about how Amy King got an invite to the Love After Lockup red carpet premiere. One fan asks, “Better question.. why was she at the love after lockup premiere? 😂” A handful of fans liked this comment to show that they’d like the answer to this question, too.

As far as Duggar fans know, she’s never been on Love After Lockup. She doesn’t have any links to the show. However, she does have a connection to another WEtv show. One fan explains, “her and her hubs did marriage bootcamp show on WeTV if I remember right.” Another adds that it was shortly after they got married, so it was quite a long time ago.

You can watch a clip of Dillon and Amy King on Marriage Boot Camp during Season 7 below. The clip was posted on YouTube by the network five years ago.

So, did you know that Dillon and Amy King were on Marriage Boot Camp? Does it surprise you that they were at the Love After Lockup premiere, too? Let us know in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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