Does Paedon Brown Regret His Family Being On Television?

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Paedon Brown has never been shy when it comes to his family and their issues. Rather his issues with them. He has spilled so much about his father Kody, his personal relationships with his siblings, and the infamous nanny. Now, he is addressing if he regrets his family doing Sister Wives when he was just a kid.

Paedon Brown Joins Sister Wives As A Minor

When the series premiered on TLC in 2010, Kody’s youngest child was literally a fetus. His third wife, Christine was pregnant with their sixth child, Truely. In the premiere episode, each wife went through their daily life and introduced each child. Paedon was only eleven at the time and the kids seemingly did not have a choice if they would be featured. At one point, incoming fourth wife Robyn noted that her high school friends would be shocked to see her truth. She grew up in a polygamist lifestyle but it was all hidden so this would be a major revelation. It was a special lifestyle, not one everyone would be accepting of.

Sister Wives Kody Brown - Brown Family

Luckily for the Brown children, they had been homeschooled for most of their childhood. Five years prior to the show’s beginning, they were put in a school for kids whose parents were also in plural marriages. However, when the girls were interviewed, most were adamant about not living that lifestyle. Out of all of the kids, the boys have been the ones to truly stand up to Kody on camera. Janelle’s sons Gabe and Garrison challenged him a lot during Season 16 over pandemic rules. Eventually, Paedon would go on to allude to his father’s hypocrisy and a lack of relationship between the two. Yet does he regret the family doing the series?

To Do The Show Or To Not Do The Show- That Is The Question

Paedon Brown had revealed a lot in his TikTok videos. He shared that, despite his father’s panic over COVID, even having the virus, remains unvaccinated. Furthermore, he explained he and his sister Mariah have no relationship but he will always be there if she needs him. There is also a strain between him and his younger sister Gwen after they had an altercation which resulted in him slapping her. This has not boded very well for the twenty-three-year-old who poked fun at his mom’s “what. does. the. nanny. do?” comment.

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In a recent video, Paedon answered the pressing question of if he ever regrets his family participating in the show. His answer was quite simple. He does not regret it whatsoever. For him, without that forum, he would not have amassed such a large audience watching his videos. He noted around 800 people were tuning in as he was speaking. Had Sister Wives never happened, there may have been around twenty.

Do you think the show benefitted the children or was a detriment? Let us know in the comments below.


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