Chris Combs Shocks Fans With His Size In Throwback Pic

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If you keep up with 1000-Lb. Sisters, you probably noticed that Chris Combs came a long way since his debut. The fan-favorite cast member first appeared during the show’s second season and he quickly won over fans.

When Chris first stepped on the scene, his goal was to help his sisters meet their health goals. But he got involved too. Before long, Chris managed to lose weight on his own. During the show’s third season, Chris got to have bariatric surgery too.

Now, fans are really excited to celebrate Chris’s health journey with him. He recently posted a throwback picture to display his progress.

Chris Combs made remarkable success in his weight loss journey

1000-Lb. Sisters fans fell in love with Chris for a wide variety of reasons. He genuinely wanted the best for his sisters and wanted to help them get on the right path.

He also listened to his own doctor’s advice and started making better choices himself. Even though it wasn’t always easy for Chris, he really tried to exercise more and eat healthier food items. Fans felt so excited when he got the chance to have bariatric surgery too.

Chris Combs/Instagram

We’ve seen Chris Combs come so far. And his recent throwback photo really capture fans’ attention.

“How far we come is a reminder of how hard we have to push to get where we need to be. Thank amanda for always taking pics every when we don’t want u to,” the TLC star captured an older photo of himself and his sister Amanda.

Chris Combs/Facebook

Fans couldn’t help but notice how different he really looked four years ago. They happily complimented him on his progress in the comments.

“You’re an inspiration, Chris!” one fan wrote in the comments. “You look great. Praying Tammy gets better. I know that she can do it too. Love all of your family. The TLC show helps me too.”

“I have some work to put in also bubba! But as long as we all keep pushing forward and stick together we got this!” Amanda replied in the comments. “I am so proud of you! Keep up the amazing work!”

The TLC star continues on his weight loss journey

If you follow Chris Combs on social media, then you’ve probably noticed he no longer looks like this. In January, he posted a photo of himself at a family birthday party.

And as you can see, he’s lost even more weight than when we last saw him on 1000-Lb. Sisters.

Chris Combs/Instagram

TLC hasn’t officially confirmed that 1000-Lb. Sisters will come back for Season 4. But if it does come back, fans will be really excited to see how Chris is doing these days.

Keep following us online for more on Chris Combs and the rest of the family. We’ll be here to fill you in.

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